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Today I was reminded of why taking the road less travelled is not for everyone. 


Everyone wants some form of success but….

? Few want to do anything else outside of their comfort zone. 

? Few are willing to work, then work again in order to see results. 

? Few are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen! 

? Few are willing to take calculated risks year on year 

? Still few wait till something happens before they listen 

You see results oftentimes come in the form of other opportunities that don’t always look like opportunities. 

And…. Opportunities oftentimes come in overalls and look like work. 


You have to CREATE the expectation and not expect the expectation. 

It’s no use if you say you want it when things are easy. You have to still want it….

– When things are tough

– When things are hard

– When everything is against you 

– When NO ONE believes you 

– When like Noah, they laugh at your crazy and outrageous ideas 

– When all you have is YOUR OWN belief

– When you push past the pain and there is still more pain 

That’s when true winning happens


Leave behind those who choose to take life casually or complain you are doing too much. YOU decide! Go create WHO you want to become. I say to you…. Go ahead and TAKE THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED .

Don’t be afraid, you will find others on that same road. 

But… you just stay focused and stay committed in order to stay sane


Defeat may test you; it need not stop you. If at first you don’t succeed, try another way. For every obstacle there is a solution. Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. The greatest mistake is giving up.So regardless of how you feel…. go out and Live Like a Champion!!

How Impactful You Are Determines Your Level of Success. Do you agree?

It’s very easy to make an impact when you’re feeling empowered, but how do you continue to make an impact when you’re not.


Here are 4 Things You Can Do To Make a Greater Impact:

⭕️ 1. Be consistent. Consistency is the key to keeping and maintaining momentum. 

⭕️ 2. Collaborate with people of influence. People of influence usually have a team of other influencers they rely on when they need it.

⭕️ 3. Indeed – Get a team! We all know team work, makes the dream work so get a team quickly, especially one that’s smarter than you! 

⭕️ 4. Trust a coach, mentor or partner to take you through. You can ONLY do so much by yourself.

Your impact can indeed change lives and indeed the world.

People are waiting for your brand, product, or service, which you have to believe. 



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