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Camilita has designed her Inner Circle to support YOU on your journey to Live like a Champion, Create the Life and Business you Deserve and Fast Track Your Success.

For over 12 years, Camilita travelled to over 50 countries, built large sales teams of thousands in 30+ countries, did millions of dollars in sales, lived in Germany, Trinidad, Spain, the Netherlands and the UK and is also a property investor.

Camilita is an Executive Success Coach to Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Corporate Executives and CEOs so Camilita knows what will give you the edge to win fast and WIN BIG.


Camilita teaches – Success loves speed!

Are YOU an entrepreneur, business owner, coach, speaker, professional network marketer, trainer, sales professional or corporation looking to quadruple your sales, increase your turnover, expand your brand internationally or live your best life now? YES…… then Camilita’s Inner Circle is the tool you need now!


This is Your Time to Finally CREATE the Life You Deserve

Are you fed up with your life the way it is, your relationships, your business, your finances – what finances?


  • Are you at the point where you are saying to yourself ‘I have made a lot of money, but what’s next’?
  • Are you saying ‘It’s about time I have multiple streams of residual income but just don’t know what to do or how’?
  • Are you struggling to get your business off the ground or confused about what to do?
  • Are you thinking about changing careers, calling it quits or do you want some direction but don’t know where to turn?
  • You know you are supposed to make a huge difference in the world but you just don’t know what that is or how to get started.

Thank you so very much Camilita for your very powerful Inner Circle Group Masterclass. To call you International Rock Star is an understatement! You are Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!! Bringing on the experts like you did, to freely, truly and openly share honest and down to earth from the heart information, was mind-blowing. I don’t believe anyone was left feeling the same as we did about the power of growing their business. Your guest speakers, no-nonsense and genuine approach to getting us off the ground no matter what level we find ourselves, was second-to-none.

I can only say thank you for taking me from level 1 to level 99.99. Very revealing, insightful and thought-provoking. I urge individuals out there who want to step up, connect and grow their business to not hesitate in joining Camilita’s Inner Circle Group. You will be left speechless, motivated, empowered, inspired, educated, guided and walk away with business treasures and secrets no one than Camilita will ever reveal!!!
Margaret Swaniker (UK)

Accountability! Accountability! Accountability! That is what I receive from the Inner Circle with Camilita and that accountability has led to Results! She successfully continues to inspire me to challenge myself which continues to result in my personal growth with even Greater Results!!! We acquire coaches to assist us in achieving our goals and to move us out of our comfort zone. You will be challenged while meeting special guests on calls that will provide you with valuable insight. How does she do it? Sign up today if you are looking for a change in 2019! Stop wishing and take the first step to get your own results Today!!!

LaChelle Adkins (America's Supermom USA)

Over the course of Camilita’s Inner Circle….. 


  • 2 Online Training Masterclasses per month with Camilita (1 hour each)
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group to get additional support and connect with like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs from around the world
  • First access to Camilita’s podcasts, plus unlimited access to the replays of episodes
  • Access to Camilita’s live online summits featuring renowned international speakers
  • Videos, articles and blogs from Expert Guests in all areas of business and entrepreneurship
  • First to hear about Camilita’s exclusive offers and free downloadable resources
  • 20% off discount code for Camilita’s events tickets
  • 20% off discount code for Camilita’s products and merchandise on


  • How to Fast Track Your Success & Income in 90 Days
  • The 6 P’s to Success in Life and Business
  • Overcoming business challenges as an Entrepreneur
  • 7 Steps to 7 Figure Sales® – The Plan, The Process, The Execution. Time to ramp up your sales and income
  • How to use Events, Keynote Speaking and Social Media to Increase Sales in Your Business
  • The 5 Key Strategies to increase your productivity and generate more business in 2018
  • If it’s NOT making money, it’s not making sense, Period! – How to use this principle to your advantage
  • How to sell yourself as a speaker and negotiate higher speaking fees with confidence
  • How to Build high level relationships globally
  • Goal Setting with results – having a clear plan you can follow over 90 days
  • How to make money from your gifts and talents now

Do any of the following describe how you are feeling right now?

I cannot seem to get out of this rut… I know I can do better but don’t know what to do.

I really need help NOW as I don’t want to have another year like this year.

I see others excelling more than me but I know they aren’t more intelligent than I am.

If I only had a road map or simple game plan to follow, then I know I could do it.

I am making loads of money already but want more purpose in my life.

I need help NOW so my family can have a better life, the life they deserve.


Camilita has found that the best way to succeed fast, is to find someone who has already succeeded on a massive scale, model what they have done and avoid what they tell you to avoid. Do you agree?

Camilita went from hustling on the public dump in Trinidad to running 3 successful GLOBAL businesses and NOW she wants to teach you to do the same. It’s not about your ABILITY – It’s about your COMMITMENT and WILLINGNESS to Give It Your ALL Regardless.

Don’t just play it safe and hope things will change. It won’t until YOU do AND until you take the appropriate action TO change. Camilita has travelled to over 50 countries, and especially over the last few years has been helping entrepreneurs like YOU live their champion life now!

So, you made $100K or $250K…… but you know you should have earn’t at least $500K or $1Million. Camilita has been there and had to make some huge changes, internal and external to Live Like a Champion.

Are you an entrepreneur at heart but not living your BIG DREAMS? Camilita wants to show you how you too can travel the world, live like a champion and do what you want, how you want to do it.

When you join Camilita’s Inner Circle, you’ll have access to Camilita’s PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP for additional support


  • Live Like a Champion
  • Take Control of Your Life
  • Get to Level 5!
  • Sell Like a Pro
  • ASK for what you want
  • Spot a good or bad deal
  • Take back your freedom
  • Outperform your competition in Sales
  • Create Bigger Sales
  • Realise just WHO you are
  • Live your best life now
  • Have a clear Customer Plan v Business Plan
  • Launch or Relaunch your business
  • Stay focused and targeted
  • Create Positive Cash Flow
  • Earn What You are Worth
  • Command Bigger Fees
  • Accomplish More in Your Life & Business
  • Create Your Own Stage
  • Know your Value
  • Build a brand that pays
  • Make money from your mind
  • Get mad, get even, get rich

I have been part of Camilita’s Inner Circle for a few months now.  Wow, What can I say? Camilita is really inspiring. She has really helped me in different aspects of my business. Camilita has integrity, she will give you the push that you need and she genuinely cares about you. She cares about you and everything about you. A few years ago, one of my mentors said to me: “the best investment you can ever make in your life is in you”. So why wait! If you need to make a change in your life, Camilita is the lady to give you the kick that you definitely need.

Mbali (UK)

Camilita is clearly an expert in her field and her ‘down to earth and no ego approach’, will have you engaging on the training calls, in no time! I’m enjoying being part of a group that welcomes entrepreneurs at different stages of their business growth… from all around the world. How fab is that!

Sarah Neil (Business Owner - UK)





or $564 $470 per year

2 Online Masterclasses per month (1 hour each) with unlimited replays
Private Facebook Group to network with like-minded entrepreneurs
First access to Camilita’s podcasts & online summits, plus unlimited access to the replays of episodes
Plus loads more benefits here




or $5,964 $4,970 per year



1 hour one-to-one call with Camilita per month

3 Designated Events per year with guest trainers (live-streamed & recorded so you can’t miss it!)
1-hour LIVE Training Masterclass per month plus Q & A with Expert Trainers
50% off all Camilita’s Fast Track Your Success events
25% – 50% off Event of Champions Silver, Gold & VIP tickets




or $11,964 $9,970 per year

This Exclusive Membership is for Camilita’s ‘Diamond’ Champions who want Massive Results in Sales, Building a Global Brand, Monetising WHO they are and Living their Best Life NOW!

Camilita is looking forward to welcoming you as part of her Network of Champions and teaching you her success principles to Live like a Champion. Go ahead…. claim your spot now!

Any questions, please contact our office at:, phone: +44 7903 65 22 80 or visit our T & Cs here. Our team are happy to support you in whatever you need.

To your success!