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Ever wanted to be a brand yourself? Perhaps you have already built and grown a successful business but you’ve always been in the background and now you want to be a brand yourself. Camilita will teach you 7 powerful ways to stand out from the rest. Camilita has built 2 global brands – Camilita® & Event of Champions® in under 1 year. She currently runs 4 businesses and works with entrepreneurs around the world to showcase themselves as a powerful brand and monetize their full potential.

Camilita is passionate about seeing entrepreneurs live their Champion Life NOW because of her own wake-up call. After over 15 years of growing several businesses, entrepreneurs from around the world asked Camilita to train or coach them to grow their brands or businesses but Camilita always said no.

In 2013 however, Camilita had lightning come through her house, just a few inches from her bed where she almost died. It was at that point Camilita decided to listen and give business owners, companies and entrepreneurs her success principles to create their Champion Life and Champion Personal Brand Now.

In under 2 years, Camilita was featured in Forbes, Think & Grow Rich for Women, BBC Business News, B2B News Network, SKY, TV6, and many others.

Camilita also launched Event of Champions® – a series of events around the world to support entrepreneurs to build, sustain & develop a global brand in Canada, UK, Trinidad, Bali and Barbados, USA, Australasia & Europe.

As Founder & CEO of Nuttall Estate®, Camilita is developing a Country House in Derbyshire UK (Launching 2023) Offering High – End Accommodation, Holiday Lets, Wedding Venue & Conferencing Venues & Romantic Getaways for guests from all around the world.

In 2019 Camilita launched The Camilita® Podcast to share proven strategies along with her guests who are top CEO’s, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, influencers, best-selling authors, athletes, trainers, high net-worth professionals plus excerpts from live events and masterclasses from around the world, in the areas of business, lifestyle, sales and inspiration. Each week she shares with you how too you can Live Your Champion Life TODAY and every day.

Camilita will show you how you too can launch your own brand, monetise it and build a tribe globally! Ready to get started? Then let’s get to work! APPLY BELOW.



Create a personal brand that stands out from the rest
There are quite often multiple brands doing or selling similar products but somehow only a handful of brands stand out in the market. Camilita will cover what makes it possible for Apple, Google, Oprah, Nike, John Maxwell, Bishop TD Jakes, KFC, McDonald’s, Tony Robbins and so many others that stand out from other brands and how you too can do the same.

Monetise, Market, and Sell Your Personal Brand around the world 
You get paid for the value you give in exchange for goods or services. Brands have value and with the last 10 or 20 years of your life you have huge amounts of value to share with your clients, contacts, tribe, or audience. Camilita will dive into how to monetise, market, and sell your personal brand and make it pay.

Create Multiple Streams of Residual Income from that brand
If It’s Not Making Money, It’s Not Making Sense. Period! That is Camilita’s mantra. With everything you know, there are multiple ways to make money from one idea and give a greater value. Working with Camilita, you will discover the multiple ways to sell your brand and create residual income.

Have an effective, powerful business launch or relaunch of your brand
With every great idea or product, successful companies host a launch or multiple launches, to let their prospective clients or customers know they are open for business. Camilita will show you the power of the launch and how to have an effective launch for your brand, product or service.

Get media attention and be asked for media interviews constantly
One of the most effective ways to grow your brand quickly is to get media attention and be interviewed or write articles for various media outlets/channels. It raises your profile hugely and makes you look like the expert in your field. Your positioning is vitally important when you are growing a personal brand and Camilita will teach you how to get into major publications globally.

Learn how to use Events, Keynote Speaking and Social Media to Increase Your Profits and your Brand
This right here is what I used to grow my brand globally and how I was asked to write my article in Forbes. It’s imperative you grow your brand through Events, Keynote Speaking and Social Media today as they are all hugely beneficial for building a tribe quicker, getting known or heard and allowing your audience to learn about and meet you first hand.

Collaborate with the best minds to advance your brand and better service your clients/customers. 
It’s easier to build anything through collaboration than under your own steam. It’s important to note though that you ONLY collaborate with people who have money, influence or initiative and have your best interest at heart, together with the best contacts. Camilita will teach you how to collaborate so that both parties win business, grow and get referrals at the same time.


I have no hesitation in saying that Camilita is a great coach. Working with her has been an enriching experience. Her openness and selfless drive to help others succeed is unsurpassable. Camilita is the ultimate ’Rock Star Coach.’ Her energy is infectious; she is committed to walking with you every step of the way and committed to helping you get the results you desire. Most importantly Camilita is insightful, supportive and genuinely interested in people and their success. I would highly recommend Camilita as your ’Rock Star Coach’

Jacynth Ivey, United Kingdom

Camilita is an incredible coach, she is a woman who knows how to make amazing things happen! Camilita is an inspirational coach, a visionary with a straight-forward and fast execution approach. Camilita is powerful, energetic and incredibly caring. Her coaching sessions are laser focused and she has an ability to translate and connect your vision, passion, purpose and story, providing clarity and resulting in personal and professional transformation. I can’t recommend Camilita highly enough! Thank you Camilita!

Denise Cárdenas, United Kingdom

I’ve been working with Camilita for a few months now, and have found the experience liberating, enthusing, invigorating, refreshing, motivating, full of humour and an eye-opener! Each of our 1-2-1 business mentoring sessions so far has provided at least one (and often several) – serious “light bulb” moments when something she says pushes things so they fall into place with a resounding clang (normally accompanied by one of those “why didn’t I think of that before?” moments too…) Camilita is a focused, straightforward business person who helps you to hold yourself to account to achieve goals she’s helped you define, but which are very much your own. She helps you define processes and systems, based on knowledge she’s acquired over her very successful business career. She’s 100% committed to helping you achieve the success you want for yourself too. She very much sees her job as helping you to develop a toolkit that will let you do work necessary for yourself in the future – without being dependant on her. Camilita has helped me to get a route map for this transition that I was sorely lacking. Camilita is an invaluable guide, coach and resource who I thoroughly recommend

John Owens, UK 

Camilita Nuttall has the magical ability to connect with anyone and see what precisely they need to power up their business. Her energy and charisma are contagious. It’s no surprise that people around the world gravitate towards this amazing woman for her knowledge, wisdom, and insight. She remains inspiring, and influential, to scores of individuals who count on her for her guidance. For anyone looking to light a spark for their dreams, to rev up their ambition, or to accomplish what they might have thought was out of reach, Camilita can help make the impossible possible. After seeing her empowering live presentations, I gained the confidence to know that I could attain my goals and so much more. She made things easy to understand, as well as fun to watch. I’m so grateful for having met Camilita. She has definitely helped me boost and supercharge my career.

Dave Gordon, Canada

I want to endorse Camilita Nuttall as the perfect coach for me…  It’s so important that your coach is really interested in who you are as a person and not just being a number in the system and that’s what I got from Camilita …What is different with Camilita is I really felt like I was the focus. My experience has been absolutely amazing and I want to thank her so much for all the help that she has given me over the last few months.

Shane Ram, Trinidad

Camilita has been an amazing support to me for some time now. She’s truly the kind of person I needed as she kicked my butt which is something I needed. She’s helped me have a much greater self-belief and confidence in my skills and expertise and launch my first book and monetize my brand. Camilita takes no nonsense. If you’re serious about wanting to build a successful personal brand and need a strong hand to make it happen, I would recommend you check out Camilita Nuttall.

Evadney Campbell, United Kingdom




One of our team will discuss with you the investment, time frame, how we will work together and why you want to build a personal brand in the first place. As Camilita does not work with everyone, this is an exploratory stage to determine how working together will get you the best results.


You fill in our Client Questionnaire, where you will tell us all about yourself, what you want to achieve over a 3, 6 and 12 month period, what products/services you want to develop and where you want to position your brand – locally or globally.


The implementation stage, where we get to work on creating and building your brand. Your brand’s success is totally dependent on the work you are prepared to put in to get the most productive and profitable results.


Camilita® Nuttall is a Self-Made Millionaire Property Investor, Wealth & Business Coach, Angel Investor, CEO of Event of Champions®, Founder & CEO of Nuttall Estate®, 7-Time Award-Winning Sales & Growth Expert, The World’s #1 ‘Rock Star’ International Speaker, Host of The Camilita® Podcast, Serial Entrepreneur, Author & Influencer. Camilita is featured in Forbes on How to Use Events, Social Media, and Keynote Speaking to Increase Your PR & Profits Globally, has graced the USA and European covers of Celebrate Business Magazine, appeared on BBC Business News, SKY TVB2B News Network and is mentioned in the New York Times Bestseller Think & Grow Rich for Women. Her dedication to leading by example, constantly evolving, and succeeding by raising others up has led to a growing network of world champions.

In the face of extreme adversity, Camilita fought against all odds to become a dynamic powerhouse of success and inspiration. Founder of the Event of Champions®, her story alone is motivating. But it is her straightforward advice and ability to repeatedly gather the top minds in the industry to impart real-world knowledge and immediately-actionable insider tips that sets her apart.

Camilita built sales teams of thousands in over 30+ countries and did in excess of $20Million dollars in sales a year.

With the spirit of a true champion, her personal experiences and deep well of knowledge on how to make immense amounts of money are immersive and inspiring. With a “think big” philosophy driving her, Camilita not only lights a path to success, but she also illuminates the journey with the force of a thousand suns.

Camilita’s message, coupled with a heartfelt dedication to helping others succeed, has motivated thousands across the world.

Her larger-than-life personality is relatable and genuine, as is her desire to help others reach their full potential. By giving everything to fulfilling the dreams of others, Camilita is who entrepreneurs across the globe trust to take their businesses to the next level. Now, it’s your turn.


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