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  • Perhaps you made a lot of money already and are now wondering what’s next.
  • Are you struggling to get your business off the ground? Are you confused about what to do?
  • Are you thinking about changing careers, calling it quits or do you want some direction but don’t know where to turn?


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Why Work with Camilita…..

“Camilita is incredibly knowledgeable about sales and she really had my business goals in mind when talking about how I can improve my sales.”

Sylvie Peltier (Film Producer – Vancouver)

“My experience has been absolutely amazing and I want to thank Camilita so much for all her support in attaining my BIG goals.”

Shane Ram (CEO – Caribbean)

“Since meeting Camilita I have grown and learned so much! So much that is so valuable, I can’t even put a price tag on it.”

Richette Percentie (Attorney – The Bahamas)

“Her openness and selfless drive to help others is unsurpassable.”

I have no hesitation in saying that Camilita is a great coach. Working with her has been an enriching experience… Camilita is the ultimate ’Rock Star Coach.’ Her energy is infectious; she is committed to walking with you every step of the way and committed to helping you get the results you desire. Most importantly Camilita is insightful, supportive and genuinely interested in people and their success. I would highly recommend Camilita as your ’Rock Star Coach’.

Jacynth Ivey (United Kingdom)

“Camilita is brilliant!!”

Working with Camilita has position me to be a global coach, add new clients into my coaching program. If you are looking to uplevel your brand and close more sales, then I invite you to consider working with Camilita. I promise you will not be the same!

– Tonia Morris (U.S.A)

“I am blown away by Camilita’s perceptiveness, integrity, and expertise.”

I have worked with several coaches and spent thousands on some of the top business and peak performance coaches in the world. I can say unreservedly that Camilita Nuttall was the most precise and powerful in terms of very quickly identifying the root cause of problems presenting themselves in my business and for providing me with profound insights on how to address them… Camilita listens and serves you so deeply, and from a space of such respect and love that it is impossible to leave sessions with her without feeling empowered and being transformed. If you truly want to transform your business, Camilita is the coach. You won’t fully understand it unless you book a session yourself.

– Margaret Rose (United Kingdom)

“Camilita is authentic, well connected, knowledgeable in business and gives her best to her coaching clients.”

The variety, value, and level of Camilita’s service took me from being barely being able to afford support to quadrupling income in both my social enterprise and limited company in an 18 month period! Camilita’s proven strategies of building multiple streams of residual income have helped to retrain my money mindset to one of expecting abundance whilst maintaining integrity. Camilita is a leader of the business coaching industry and remains at the forefront of the sector as a global visionary that has the authentic knowledge and skill of building people, building business and ‘living like a champion’ in the process.

– Maureen Greaves (United Kingdom)

“She helped me see the value of my own global network, expertise, talents & gifts…”

Camilita is a strong and confident coach who is also a compassionate communicator, which is exactly what I needed. She helped me see the value of my own global network, expertise, talents, gifts and overcome my limiting belief regarding making money leveraging them. With her guidance I am now more confident offering new inspiring and motivating Talks telling my personal story of transformation… If you are looking for a coach to help you get results, keep you accountable and do it authentically, hire Camilita!

– Tilde Guajardo (U.S.A & Spain)

“Helping my growth as a business leader”

Camilita does not speak purely from theory but from experience and practical knowledge that has worked for her and her clients in the past. If you are serious about developing yourself as a businessperson and taking your business to a level that you could truly be proud of, I would highly recommend that you take her on as your coach and mentor.

– Mikkell Khan (Canada & Trinidad)

“She listens and truly cares about my business success.”

Camilita is a real rockstar. She does not let you down when you feel you can not move forward and she drives your through the rocky road to reach your goal. Camilita is a fantastic coach and business growth, expert. She helped me set up and launch my new business from inception to launch. She is very detailed in getting from your website to contracts done as well as continued support through her Inner Circle program to support entrepreneurs. I highly recommend her! 

– Viktória Komlósi (Norway & Ireland)