Camilita’s Recorded Masterclasses are perfect for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to equip themselves with the tools and training to grow their businesses. Whether you want to Fast Track Your Success, Create Multiple Streams of Residual Income or Turn Your Yearly Income Into Your Monthly Income, Camilita’s Masterclasses are designed to be informative and engaging to support your entrepreneurial journey and take your business to the next level.

For most people, bringing their idea to the world is a major milestone. That’s why so many people go to their graves with ideas and plans still inside, but not you!

Whether you are launching or re-launching your BIG Idea, brand, product or service, this Recorded Masterclass will help you greatly. It will teach you what should happen before, during and even after your launch. You will learn what to start doing and stop doing if you want to have HUGE success in bringing your BIG Idea to the world and making it profitable.

Ready to Launch Your BIG Idea? Take action NOW!

  • Are you fed up with trading time for money?
  • You know you have a book or eBook in you that needs to come out?
  • You are an entrepreneur but really want more residual income from your business but don’t know how?

Warren Buffett said… “Never depend on a single income. Make investments to create a second source.”

If you ready to stop going from pay cheque to pay cheque, client to client or thing to thing, then get my Multiple Streams of Residual Income Masterclass NOW!

Have you set goals over and over yet nothing seems to have happened or changed?

In this Goal Setting for Champions Masterclass, I want to show you how to achieve your BIG goals, daily, weekly, monthly and in 90-day slots. I live and work in 90-day slots and create massive success by breaking my time down into chunks every day, to every working hour of that day.

With this recorded Masterclass, you will be able to use my Goal Setting for Champions Planner as a guide to achieving more with clear instructions for execution. Are you ready for a solid structued plan to create the life you deserve and Live Like a Champion? Take action NOW!

  • Are you behind on your goals?
  • Are you behind on your dreams?
  • Do you have little or no residual income?
  • Do you know there is more to you, but you don’t know what to do?

If you answered YES then…..I want to show you what it takes to Fast Track Your Success and create a platform where YOU are seen as THE expert, as you collaborate with the TOP entrepreneurs in the industry.

It’s time for YOU to Live Like a Champion. Don’t delay!

Do YOU have a Story? Yes! Can it change someone’s life? Yes!

On this recorded Masterclass, learn how to sell your way to success, build a brand that pays and create multiple streams of residual income. Ever wondered how you too can have the success and lifestyle you dream of?

I am going to show you in simple steps how you can build a global brand from the comfort of your own home and Turn Your Story Into Your Glory! If YOU ARE READY to use your story to enrich your life…..


After building large sales teams of thousands in 30+ countries and doing millions of dollars in sales, you will learn my proven sales strategy to double or quadruple your sales.

Whether you are a sales professional, business owner, coach, trainer, corporate sales consultant, entrepreneur, professional network marketer or executive, have a large sales team or are wanting to double or triple your productivity or income, my 7 Steps to 7 Figure Sales® training is what you need to exceed those sales goals. Ready for a simple way to bring BIG results? Then get this Recorded Masterclass NOW!

“Don’t be everything to everyone. It’s better to create your chosen path than follow someone else’s dream. It’s simple…. Work on YOUR terms and help enough people WIN. It’s your life…go out and LIVE LIKE A CHAMPION!!”

Living Like a Champion requires grit, determination, a never give up attitude and a desire to win that’s bigger than yourself. Have you ever wanted something more than anything but not been sure how to get it? This recorded masterclass will give you the tools to do just that.


The YOUEconomy is NOW creating more 5, 6 and 7 figure business owners who are operating from the comfort of their own homes or shared office spaces. WHY?….

  1. People consume data differently from 10 years ago and more people want a side hustle or side business that generates residual income
  2. Staying in is the new going out and downloading, listening on the go or streaming has taken over traditional video consumption

Want to understand how you can use this data to generate more business and close more clients?

I have found that the best way to succeed fast, is to find someone who has already succeeded on a massive scale, model what they have done and avoid what they tell you to avoid. Do you agree?

I went from hustling on the public dump in Trinidad to running 3 successful GLOBAL businesses doing millions in sales a year and NOW I teach others to do the same.

ARE YOU TIRED OF SEEING OTHERS SUCCEED QUICKER? Then get ready to change that AND Turn Your Yearly Income Into Your Monthly Income! TAKE ACTION NOW!