Details will be given soon on how you can support worthy projects around the world. We are passionate about giving back to families, and children in need of shelter, food, clothing, education and personal development. We believe wholeheartedly in teaching a man to fish rather than giving him a fish so our outreach programs are designed to do just that.


Our goal is to give children all around the world the tools and resources they need to flourish.


We believe that every child deserves the right to education, so we work hard to provide that to the less fortunate.


Every child deserves someone in their corner cheering them on, that’s what we strive to do.


We support children all over the globe, so they can reach their full potential.


We will be giving you details soon on how you can support children around the world with education (primary and secondary), learning camps, computer and sporting programs, vacation programs, books, mental health evaluations, personal development programs, food, and clothing. They will get homework support, vacation camps, internet programmes, sporting programmes and so much more.

Children who are in communities where they hear gunshots, children whose parents really need the help and children whose teachers know that if they could get the support as I did, they would flourish.


From Biche and the public dump in Trinidad to running three successful businesses. In the face of extreme adversity Camilita rose against all odds and now her mission through Nuttall Foundation is to help others reach their full potential.

I grew up very poor in Trinidad (Caribbean). I slept on the floor, had no shoes to go to school, and had to work with my mom from the age of 10 in the coffee fields. I saw other children at that age having holidays, good clothes, school books, and even decent food to eat. I didn’t have that. 

I was very bright in primary school but when I started secondary school, my parents didn’t have enough money for me to go to school every day. I relied on the school bus and when there was no bus, well… I stayed at home. I borrowed books from friends and teachers as my parents could not afford for me to have my own at times. 

At the age of 13, my father said to my mother, we no longer have money for school books let alone transportation to go to school (I lived 1 hour from my secondary school). I am the last of 11 children. I cried for days because I really wanted to go to school. We lived in the country (Biche), and my mom kept saying that ‘Education’ was one way out of poverty, so I was determined to go to school.

When we saw no other way, my mom and I decided to take my sister’s advice and go and hustle on the public dump, amongst the waste and rubbish, in order to collect glass bottles to sell. At that point, I said yes, I need to finish school as I don’t want to end up poor. So……. for 2 months my mom and I ate food from the dump, got wet when it rained, and had to stay with those clothes all day. We dug through dead animals and rotten food, collected rags and glass bottles among the rubbish broke them up, and sold them in order to buy my books and uniform for secondary school. 

My predicament was not over as now I had to get funds to travel to secondary school. Some days I sat and cried and cried seeing other children going to school and even now after the dump, I still couldn’t go every day. I occasionally had to work with my mom in the coffee fields to get extra money, carrying large sacks of yams on my head after a hard day’s work in the fields. On the days I do go to school, I studied hard and in the end, was able to get 7 GCSC 0’Levels. 

Then again I was doing my A ‘Levels, and the same problem ensued. I studied British and American Politics and Law and had to borrow books from my friends or wherever I could get them. I walked from school on some days. There were days in school I had nothing to eat for the whole day but was determined to go for it regardless.

After my A ‘Levels, I begged for jobs (literally). Even though things were still financially tough, I started a community project to help other children in the local community, children who were just like me. I eventually got a job in TSTT in Trinidad, thanks to the mayor at the time and my MP back then because of my tenacity and community work. I then started Law School in Trinidad. I eventually moved to the UK to finish Law School. There is so much more to that story…..…..

Fast forward to today, I am a Self-Made Millionaire Property Investor, Wealth & Business Coach, Angel Investor, CEO of Event of Champions®, Founder & CEO of Nuttall Estate®, 7-Time Award-Winning Sales & Growth Expert, The World’s #1 ‘Rock Star’ International Speaker, Host of The Camilita® Podcast, Serial Entrepreneur, Author & Influencer.

When I look back at my life, I am so grateful for my mom and her tenacity and my willingness to learn. Now I want to give back again.


Cherishers, which is a non-profit organisation that helps build community resilience and connectivity reaching those desperate for support, isolated, mentally vulnerable, and often elderly or with caring demands of young families.

The services Cherishers offers contributes to increasing the confidence of both the people needing the support and their external support networks (friends or family) by providing company and reassurance and maintaining consistency in the aid that is available to them.

Continually investing and adapting is essential to meet demand and hire more staff to assist with the important work Cherishers does.



Camilita® Nuttall is a Self-Made Millionaire Property Investor, Wealth & Business Coach, Angel Investor, CEO of Event of Champions®, Founder & CEO of Nuttall Estate®, 7-Time Award-Winning Sales & Growth Expert, The World’s #1 ‘Rock Star’ International Speaker, Host of The Camilita® Podcast, Serial Entrepreneur, Author & Influencer.

Camilita has been featured in FORBES, Quoted in ‘Think & Grow Rich for Women’, she has appeared on SKY TV, BBC Business News, Canada’s B2B News Network, graced the USA and European covers of Celebrate Business Magazine and many others. Dr. J B Hill, Napoleon Hill’s grandson quoted Camilita in front of 20,000 people as saying, ‘There is no better time than the present to take action to succeed’.

In the face of extreme adversity (hustling on the public dump at the age of 13 just to attend secondary school), Camilita rose against all odds to become a dynamic powerhouse of success and inspiration to help others reach their full potential. With a “think big” philosophy, her message has changed the lives of thousands across the world. Her larger-than-life personality is relatable and genuine, and she gives everything to fulfilling the dreams of others.

Camilita enjoys inspiring others, traveling, cooking, walking, drawing, reading & writing books, and by giving back (Launching Nuttall Foundation in 2023) to support children, entrepreneurs and families.


Andrew is Camilita’s husband and is also a Multi-Millionaire Property Investor with over 20+ years of experience in sales where he and Camilita grew a global sales team of thousands and did in excess of over $20 million dollars in 30+ countries. Andrew is responsible for the logistics, bookkeeping, event organization, travel arrangements, and property management for Camilita®, Event of Champions, and our property business.

Andrew loves to teach entrepreneurs how to understand their bottom line, how to make profitable transactions, and how to understand their sales value. He is very knowledgeable in bookkeeping and property investing, having run a successful property investment business over the last 20 years.


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