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Details below how you can support worthy projects around the world. We are passionate about giving back to worthy causes, families, and children in need of shelter, food, clothing, education and personal development. We believe wholeheartedly in teaching a man to fish rather than giving him a fish so our outreach programs are designed to do just that.

We are currently raising funds to support a group of children in Trinidad with education (primary and secondary), learning camps, computer and sporting programs, vacation programs, books, mental health evaluations, personal development programs, food, and clothing. They will get homework support, vacation camps, internet programmes, sporting programmes and so much more. 

Children who are in communities where they hear gunshots, children whose parents really need the help and children whose teachers know that if they could get the support as I did, they would flourish.

You will get updates on what I do and pictures and videos from the children and their parents.

Help us change a child’s life. 


Thank you!