Camilita delivers hands-on, interactive Coaching, International Speaking, Corporate Sales Training and Leadership Development that is both professional and profitable.

She gives a no-nonsense approach with a high velocity delivery that will leave you, your audience or your sales force challenged and transformed.

See how Camilita will take your business to the next level! Take a look at all her available programs below. Supercharge your Personal & Professional Development and Live Your Champion Life.


If you achieved your BIG goals, how would that change your life? Camilita wants to help you achieve your goals NOW! With Camilita as your coach, you will do more in a shorter amount of time – and with better results.

Shane Ram

My Experience has been Absolutely Amazing

I want to endorse Camilita Nuttall as the perfect coach for me… What I like about Camilita, and I think it’s very important in choosing a coach, is that she is already successful and has had success in the area that I want to be successful in – growing business and helping people. It’s also very important that your coach or coach is really interested in who you are as a person and not just being a number in the system and that’s what I got from Camilita …What is different with Camilita is I really felt like I was the focus. Also, she herself believes in coaching and continuous development and that’s really what you will find in Camilita.

– Shane Ram (Trinidad) – Executive Coach & Keynote Speaker


Camilita has proved an inspiration to whomever she speaks, actively making an impact around the world. Her think-big, no-nonsense approach, coupled with warmth and humour, will leave you challenged and transformed, ready to achieve extraordinary things in your life or business.

Vikki Coombes

From the moment I got here I kept hearing about Camilita and how she just has such a dynamic way about her, that she is a force of nature and that everywhere she went people just gravitated to her. That’s the person who you want to learn from and learn with… come to her programme, you’ll be glad you did.

– Bob Burg, USA –


Business moves quickly and especially with the use of social media today, it can move even quicker and when it does, you need to be ready. That’s why many companies and entrepreneurs turn to a business strategist to help them clarify what they need to do next or maximise their turnover quickly.

Vikki Coombes

Positioned me as a Global Expert

Camilita is brilliant!! I had an awesome opportunity to work with Camilita on my business strategy. In my session, she was able to help me see myself as a global brand, and help me position my business. Working with Camilita has positioned me to be a global coach, and add new clients to my coaching program. If you are looking to up-leveling your brand and close more sales, then I invite you to consider working with Camilita. I promise you will not be the same!

– Tonia Morris, USA – DE&I Consultant & Keynote Speaker


Ever wanted to be a brand yourself? Perhaps you have already built and grown a successful business but you’ve always been in the background and now you want to be a brand yourself? Camilita can teach you 7 powerful ways to stand out from the rest and Create Your Champion Brand. 

Vikki Coombes

Camilita came into our company to revolutionise our sales and increase our footfall. From her extensive knowledge, training and practical steps in increasing sales and customer focus, my business had THE BEST 4th quarter sales ever!

– Allan Butler, Bahamas –


Perfect for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to equip themselves with the tools and training to grow their businesses. Camilita’s Masterclasses are designed to be informative and engaging to support your entrepreneurial journey and take your business to the next level.

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