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Camilita delivers hands-on, interactive Coaching, International Speaking, Corporate Sales Training and Leadership Development that is both professional and profitable at life changing events all over the world. She gives a no-nonsense approach with a high velocity delivery that will leave you, your audience or your sales force challenged and transformed. See how Camilita will take your business to the next level!


You will get a structured plan for how you can Fast Track Your Success, Create Residual Income, Launch or Relaunch Your Brand, Product or Service, Mastermind with other Successful Entrepreneurs, access to our Private Facebook Group and so much more.

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I recently started a coaching relationship with Camilita and it is having a profound impact on my progress towards my goals in life. Camilita’s bold and never take no for a final answer mindset has been instructive and inspiring. I can confidently say I have made important strides towards fulfilling business and life goals. I now fully embrace the mantra…the urgency of now through discussions with Camilita. I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to URGENTLY embrace her coaching.

Hubert Edwards (The Bahamas)

As my business coach Camilita was the energising direction I needed to reinvigorate myself and my business to a whole new level. She went the extra mile in opening doors for me, making introductions and supporting my promotion activities. I am deeply grateful for Camilita’s coaching in my business!

Vikki Coombes (UK & New Zealand)


If you achieved your BIG goals, how would that change your life? Camilita wants to help you achieve your goals NOW! With Camilita as your coach, you will do more in a shorter amount of time – and with better results.

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I want to endorse Camilita Nuttall as the perfect coach for me… What I like about Camilita, and I think it’s very important in choosing a coach, is that she is already successful and has had success in the area that I want to be successful in – growing business and helping people. It’s also very important that your coach is really interested in who you are as a person and not just being a number in the system and that’s what I got from Camilita …What is different with Camilita is I really felt like I was the focus, which is very important in coaching. Also, she herself has a mentor and that is also very important criteria I think you should look for in having a great coach in the sense that they themselves believe in coaching and continuous development and that’s really what you will find in Camilita. My experience has been absolutely amazing and I want to thank her so much for all the help that she has given me over the last few months.

Shane Ram (Trinidad)

Camilita has the amazing gift of seeing you for who you are and summarizing it in a few sentences. You’re left sitting there deeply moved, with tears in your eyes wondering how someone you just met sees the depths of you so clearly and so profoundly. Thank you Camilita, I could not have found a better coach.

Suvi Bowellan (Finland)


Camilita has proved an inspiration to whomever she speaks, actively making an impact around the world. Her think-big, no-nonsense approach, coupled with warmth and humour, will leave you challenged and transformed, ready to achieve extraordinary things in your life or business.

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From the moment I got here I kept hearing about Camilita and how she just has such a dynamic way about her, that she is a force of nature and that everywhere she went people just gravitated to her. That’s the person who you want to learn from and learn with… come to her programme or event, you’ll be glad you did.

Bob Burg (Co-author of the Go-Giver)

Camilita rocked the house! She was the closing speaker at the end and it can sometimes be hard to be the closing speaker but not for Camilita. If you want someone who is on fire, if you want someone who is going to move your audience, and not just move them but move them to action then you need to book Camilita. I am so delighted that she came all the way to Cleveland Ohio from the UK to speak to our audience and I’m telling you, people are still talking about her. So if you want a specific speaker who is going to teach your people, who are going to move your people to action Camilita Nuttall is the girl. Alright, go book her!

DeLores Pressley (Appeared on Oprah)


A proven model for success, Camilita’s signature corporate sales training program, 7 Steps to 7 Figure Sales®, is a transformative series of talks, conferences and seminars that set attendees up for maximum sales performance and results. Where others training systems are lacking, Camilita explodes into areas that have been overlooked, filling that missing gap for unstoppable results.

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Camilita came into our company to revolutionise our sales and increase our footfall. From her extensive knowledge, training and practical steps in increasing sales and customer focus, my business had THE BEST 4th quarter sales ever! I highly recommend Camilita if you need to grow your sales locally or internationally.

Allan Butler (Milo Butler - Bahamas)


Business moves quickly and especially with the use of social media today, it can move even quicker and when it does, you need to be ready. That’s why many companies and entrepreneurs turn to a business strategist to help them clarify what they need to do next or maximise their turnover quickly.

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Camilita Nuttall has the magical ability to connect with anyone and see what precisely they need to power up their business. Her energy and charisma are contagious. It’s no surprise that people around the world gravitate towards this amazing woman for her knowledge, wisdom, and insight. She remains inspiring, and influential, to scores of individuals who count on her for her guidance. For anyone looking to light a spark for their dreams, to rev up their ambition, or to accomplish what they might have thought was out of reach, Camilita can help make the impossible possible. After seeing her empowering live presentations, I gained the confidence to know that I could attain my goals and so much more. She made things easy to understand, as well as fun to watch. I’m so grateful for having met Camilita. She has definitely helped me boost and supercharge my career.

Dave Gordon (Media Expert Toronto)

I have had the pleasure of working with Camilita for a number of years now and she has had a phenomenal impact on my life. When I met her my business was failing and I did not know where to turn. Camilita coached me for over 6 months on how to grow my business, create clients, develop my coaching practice and grow my network. I now earn multiple 6 figures as a result of their coaching and support.

Juanita Johnson (London UK)


Discover the 7 Qualities of Master Achievers through Camilita’s leadership training. With 10 years’ experience building a large sales organisation in 30+ countries and the ability to motivate for ultimate success, Camilita will teach you how to build a team that sees the BIG picture of your organisation and runs with that vision as if it’s their own. You will also learn how to launch or relaunch your goals, the 90 Day Blitz to continued success and why you need to either lead, follow or get out of the way!

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