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Well, it’s good to be back, doing what I’m good at! I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing holiday, but now is the time for action! This time I want to talk to you about new year’s goals.

I personally don’t follow the line of thinking that all your resolutions must start in January. If there is something you need to change in your life, putting it off will just decrease the likelihood of you doing it when the time comes. However, it’s a convenient enough starting point, as the beginning of a new year. Here are 10 suggestions I came up with to start your year:

  1.  Follow up on potential clients from 2022 – make a list!
  2.  Book meetings with prospects for this and next week
  3.  Take some quiet time and be clear on what you don’t want to do and what doesn’t work anymore
  4.  Segment your goals in 90-day slots (should be 3 in total after you take out holidays etc)
  5.  Write out your reward plan for when you hit each goal
  6.   Get an accountability partner to keep you in line and give you a kick up the assets when you need it
  7. Speak with your coach about your BIG plans – you will need the support no matter how much you think you don’t! I also offer coaching if you need someone to guide you. You can find out more HERE.
  8.  Speak with your staff/team about the company’s goals and how they will be rewarded when it happens
  9.  Revaluate your time on what’s urgent, important, and can wait
  10.  A recession is coming so put aside some money to meet client/customers/staffing needs (you will need it!)


These are just suggestions I came up with based on what I will be doing, but some of them might be helpful to you too!

None of these resonate with you? That’s OK, you just have to find one that suits the changes you need to make. I’m here to give you a few tips on how to start.

First of all, identify an achievable goal. Setting an unrealistic goal such as ‘make one trillion dollars’ is very unlikely to be possible for most of us. Keep your resolutions grounded, such as ‘lose a certain amount of weight’ or ‘allocate a certain amount of money each month for investing’. Try and keep them specific too. ‘Lose weight’ and ‘earn money’ are incredibly ambiguous and easy to drop.

Keep a record of your progress. Believe me, if you can see yourself making actual headway into your resolution, you will be so much more motivated to continue. You’ll feel so much more accomplished too! It’s easy to focus only on the end result and not on how well you are doing! In my eBook How to Fast Track Your Success I will show you how! Download the first 3 FREE chapters HERE.

Try and make these resolutions stick. Make them habitual! Once you have achieved your goal, however long that takes, it would be an awful waste to let old habits slip in and fall back to where you were before you began. Don’t let it all be for nothing! For example, putting money to one side for investing will ALWAYS benefit you, there’s no reason to stop when you achieve the bare minimum.

If you’re struggling to maintain your new lifestyle, then it’s time to consider implementing a reward system. This goes hand in hand with charting your progress. Establish milestones to meet throughout the year. Once you meet them, you can indulge yourself a little. This will make hitting those markers all the more enticing and will help keep you on track.

I hope you managed to find something in here that is helpful to your own resolutions. I’d love to hear more about what you’re changing about your life this year, feel free to leave a comment on my Instagram

Here’s to making 2023 better than ever and to your success,

Camilita Nuttall


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