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Business Growth Strategies



Business moves quickly and especially with the use of social media today, it can move even quicker and when it does, you need to be ready. That’s why many companies and entrepreneurs turn to a business strategist to help them clarify what they need to do next or maximise their turnover more quickly.

As a Business Growth Expert, Camilita works with corporates and entrepreneurs to create bigger sales, develop innovative ideas and assist in the marketing of those ideas. This generally involves setting goals, determining actions to achieve the goals, mobilising resources to execute the actions, determining targets for your organisations, analysing existing strategies and practices, identifying areas for improvement and developing innovative strategies for the best results.

Most businesses — large and small — struggle with growth. It’s not the kind of work most of us care to do. It’s hard! We have to dig deep and do our homework to come up with the right strategy and tools that grows our business and survives the test of time. Frankly, we all just want to open the doors, turn on the lights, fire up the computer, and let the phones ring. Sound familiar? 

Business Growth is important for your business because we belong to a global business community and as a result, we experience greater competitiveness than we did five years ago. In light of this heightened competition, business demands a clearly defined strategy for how we’re going to achieve our business objectives given the opposition. It’s a continuation of the hard work you did in nailing your business mission and vision. Since we can’t be everything to everyone, a business growth tool lets your buyer know of your unique and distinctive advantage. Plus, once your strategy is clear, decisions regarding direction, resource allocation, and high-value work take you in the direction you intend to go.


25 Minute Introductory Strategy Session


  • Uncover what is needed to reach your goals
  • Be clear on the techniques necessary to achieve your true potential
  • Find out what is blocking your next level of success
  • Create a workable plan of action over the next 90 days


1 Hour Introductory Strategy Session


  • Uncover what is needed to reach your goals
  • Be clear on the techniques necessary to achieve your true potential
  • Find out what is blocking your next level of success
  • Create a workable plan of action over the next 90 days
  • Get a plan to achieve your goals in a shorter amount of time and with better results.


Business Growth One Day Intensive

  • Learn Camilita’s 7 Steps to 7 Figure Sales® Training
  • Get your business to Level 5!
  • How to use Events, Keynote Speaking and Social Media to Increase Your PR & Profits
  • How to Fast Track Your Success & Income
  • Learn Camilita’s 12 Steps to Outperform Your Competition in Sales
  • Understand the difference between having a clear Customer Plan v Business Plan
  • Be clear on the techniques necessary to achieve your businesses potential
  • Create a workable plan of action over 90-day periods
  • Find out what is blocking your next level of success



  • Develop ideas on the future direction of your company and it’s brand, based on existing and predicted conditions, other known variables, intuition and research.
  • Use big-picture thinking, storytelling, insights, criteria development tools and synthesis in the development of agreed-upon end-goals.
  • Take a range of new media techniques and tools and combine them into an integrated approach best suited to your needs.
  • Establish the long-term direction of your business. 
  • Look at all inputs that will be important to your business and distill them into the right solution for future success.
  • Identify choices, evaluate them and recommend the best course of action to realise your objectives. 
  • Figure out how the various cogs and wheels fit together so that the whole machine hums.
  • Say: “No” and “Why“ where necessary.
  • See problems through other’s perspectives.
  • Provide a “winning game plan” which proves to be a winner.
  • Create a path that is perceived to be achievable by others. If others can’t follow the path, then it is not a strategy, but only a dream.
  • Be concerned with establishing the long-term direction of your business.

Camilita is the truth! I became a part of her Inner Circle program and received a 1 hour Business Strategy session with her. I had my first sold out event in NYC last week and I was afraid because of some bad business decisions and choosing the wrong clients that I would not know how to convert. She helped me figure out the two packages that would sell, what I should be saying to close and convert, and how to have a powerful impact on the audience that would make me irresistible to them.  When I finished my presentation, they flocked to me and gave me their credit cards to work with me! Again, Camilita is the truth! I look forward to working with her as a private client because she is worth every penny and then some! Trust me!

Precious L. Williams (New York)

Camilita has a way with getting you clear and into action towards your ultimate goals. She helped me line out my next steps and what actions to take during our business intensive without a cookie-cutter approach. She got to know me, studied what I had out there in the business world already, and truly listened to me during our time together. She has a quick wit and the ability to meet you where you are, and help you stretch toward the stars. I so appreciate her generosity and support as I reach new heights in my business doing it my way and serving my people. I can’t believe how much we were able to accomplish together and how inspired I am to take action in my business. Thanks, Camilita, you have made such a difference for me in my life and business.
DeAnne Pearson (USA)

The sessions with Camilita has brought clarity and direction to the Vision of how I want to serve. I have numerous ideas that I want to implement and there are situations that I viewed as obstacles and barriers. Camilita has shown me ways to navigate them and utilize the many skill sets and talents that I already have to bring these ideas to fruition.  What makes me feel really comfortable with Camilita is that she is extremely down to Earth and approachable. What I truly appreciate the most, is her genuine encouragement. I think her life experiences afford her the latitude to meet you where you are at. I would surely recommend Camilita and her services.

Dr. Kitiboni Rolle - Adderley (The Bahamas)


  • Conducting research, stakeholder interviews, brainstorming sessions and on digital projects conducting things like, features and functionality workshops.
  • Performing competitive analysis and identifying gaps and opportunities in the marketplace.
  • Gathering, defining, and clarifying the insights that drive your creative solutions and help us make a difference in your business.
  • Contributing to business development and thought leadership activities.
  • Advocating the best course of action to achieve the desired business goals.
  • Finding the best opportunity, creating a plan to take advantage of it and plan/direct resources to make the biggest impact possible.

‘If it’s not making money, it’s not making sense’

There is a price you will pay for SUCCESS – are you ready to pay? You can either pay the price of success or the price of failure, but you have to pay it.

– Camilita Nuttall


– Keep you laser-focused

– Inform you of the latest trends

– Identify missed opportunities

– Provide feedback for growth, personally and professionally

– Create a vacuum that pulls you forward


As a Business Growth Expert and as an outsider looking in, we view your competitors as potential collaborators and are trained to see the entire spectrum of operations now and in the future.



Begin your journey toward success today!