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? HE LOST A $10,0000 SALE from us and here’s why….

HIGH Achievers are those people who want success (health or wealth) so badly, they seek it during unfavourable conditions. Because Favourable Ones never come!


  • You’re not always going to feel up to working
  • You’re not always going to feel you’re hitting the mark

It’s in those times you press on and here’s why?

We had a Personal Trainer years ago and now wanted to hire one again.

We are a lot busier than before with running 3 businesses.

 Andrew called up this gym with a PT who invited us to come over.

We went, had a chat and said yes we can start on Monday (it was last Friday)

We called him back over the weekend as we had a question re a few points on his contract. Once this was clear, we’ll sign up.

He just text back to say …. “can’t talk now” without any indication WHEN he will be free again. He never called back.

I said to Andrew…. well let’s go check out somewhere else. We did, found another personal trainer and THEY got the sale.

?The first one lost a $10,000 sale!!!

If the first PT did that at least 10 times last year, he lost well over $100,000!! (Over £83,000!)

⚠️ After doing $Millions in Sales HERE IS THE LESSON I teach my clients:

✅ Follow up correctly and timely (NOT just the fortune is in the follow-up but your potential investments are too!)

✅ Be flexible with potential clients/customers, you don’t have their schedule

✅ ALWAYS Ask for the sale – people WANT to buy and pay you but do it correctly ?

✅ Take the money there and then if you can?some people waiting for what! I don’t know ? ♀️

✅ Be prepared to take payment by any means!! (Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Stripe, Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay ? etc.

You see…..

Failure does not count. If you accept this, you’ll be successful. What causes most people to fail is that after one failure, they stop trying.

If you are not willing to learn no one can help you but if you are determined to learn no one can stop you!!


“We all have two lives. Interestingly the second begins when you realise you only had one in the first place”!

So Jump!! Then Build your wings on the way down.

? It’s scary, I know

? It’s hard, I know

? It’s causing you pain – I know, but you still have to do it!

? Did you know ? There is NO excuse for failure? Here’s why?

? ChatGPT is FREE

? Twitter is FREE

? Google is FREE

? Bard is FREE

? YouTube is FREE

? ClickUp is FREE

? Courses are FREE

? Canva is FREE

? Podcasts are FREE

? Reels & Stories are FREE

 The list is endless….

Therefore…. There is NO excuse for failure. Get to work!! ???

? How much money have YOU left on the table in the last 3 months, the last year?

Opportunities out there are endless; it’s HOW you approach the sale that matters.

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