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These are certainly challenging times to say the least! However, there are millions of people winning in business by diversifying and changing the way their customers respond to this global pandemic.

If you feel stuck and are unsure HOW to move forward, here are 8 things you can do starting today. Read then implement at least a few of these things if you want to stay afloat and create your champion life, even during these uncertain times.


1. Constantly count the cost – is it profitable or not?

Understand the figures/numbers or hire someone who does. Some people just bury their heads in the sand whenever the cost is out of their control or money is not coming in as it used to. In business, you have to constantly look for ways to scale back, prioritise your expenses, and make sure every cost is vital for business growth and expansion. As they say “if in doubt, throw it out” and that applies to things or expenses that are not serving you.


2. Invest in value and in your mind.

When the chips are down you still need to invest. I hear so many people say “well I don’t have the funds now or the budget for personal or business development or coaching. I say to my clients, if you do what you did you will always get what you got! You have to constantly invest in YOU and in value items that can bring you the most results in the least amount of time.


3. Do your due diligence in investing and invest well in everything.

I have a checklist I give my clients if they want to invest, launch a new business or partner with someone else, so they know what to look for and what to do. If like me you have fallen prey to big lofty ideas from so-called investors, you know that doing your due diligence is crucial. To understand more, read my How to Create Multiple Incomes eBook today.


4. God first, family second, business third.

Yep, I learned this the hard way! It doesn’t matter how much money you make, if you have no one to enjoy it with or if you have no peace of mind, then what is it all for? I think more so in these challenging times, we have noticed the value of friends, family and loved ones. Listen to our latest video here.


5. Do the work & make sacrifices that will pay off – patience is a virtue.

The amount of people who want success in a vacuum is crazy! It has been said that it takes 12 years of focused work to have 1 year of recognised success and I have found this to be so true. I have sacrificed going on holiday, buying clothes and so much more just to have and keep my investments. Compound interest is powerful, but you have to be patient in investing, otherwise, you could find yourself retiring on the front porch without any money! Read more here.


6. Know what the end goal is & make money while you sleep

Put things into perspective – Investments, Savings, Family, Spending. Warren Buffett is adamant that if you want to become financially free, you must invest in multiple ways and make money while you sleep! Delayed gratification is a must if your goal is to retire with ease and travel in style while having enough savings to live HOW you want and do WHATEVER you want. Learn about Creating Residual Income here.


7. Know your strengths and weaknesses and just do that!

My mantra is to master your strengths and hire out your weaknesses, full stop! Stop trying to be a Jack of all Trades and Master of None. You don’t have to always know everything when you can hire others that do. Henry Ford said it so well when asked if he knows about the functionality of parts of his business. Don’t’ be put off if you don’t understand everything before you start your big idea. Just Start!


8. Persistence is the KEY to achieving anything BIG.

The number of people who quit at the sight of trouble or disagreement or anything that is not going according to plan. Sometimes the moment you’re about to give up, your breakthrough happens. I want to urge you to persist even in the midst of uncertainty. Get a coach or mentor who will fire you up to keep going, only then will you achieve anything BIG! Read my own story here



Find your why and fly – my mantra! In the midst of all you’re doing, find your WHY! When your ‘why’ is clear the facts don’t count. It’s the burning desire you need to wake up every day. Revisit your why every day and make sure it pulls at your heartstrings not your purse strings. Need support? Subscribe to YouTube to get more FREE success tips.


Begin your journey toward success today!