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As a business coach, I get asked from clients what is the winning formula for success?


Here are a few things to consider if you have that same question:


1. Use your story. Your story is more powerful than you might think, it’s YOUR story.

You don’t need to have a dynamic, from rags to riches tale or anything like that to have a story. Your story could be just how you raised excellent children, how you managed to finish school in your forties, how you started a business and took it to multiple 6 or 7 figures in one year or even still, how you set up that charity and are changing lives globally. Whatever it is, you can inspire others with your story.


2. Use your skills or life lessons. Too many people are watching the next person and their skills and belittling themselves.

You would be shocked how many people spend their lives watching what other people are doing and judging themselves to that effect. STOP! Your life lessons might not be significant to you but it will transform others lives.

My mantra is ‘Your Simplicity is Someone’s Epiphany’


3. Create a business and products from what you already know. You’d be surprised how many people would benefit and how simple it can be to set up.

Yes, you might not know as much as the other person but you know enough that you can transform lives with your brand, product or service. Usually, products that you had a need for, that other people also need.




4. Launch that business in style! Launching a business is not hard but it requires planning, structure and dedication to doing the work. 

I teach in one of my seminars…. ‘The Power of the Launch’. This is the place where you let the world, your competitors and naysayers know that you are OPEN FOR BUSINESS. Don’t be afraid, they will think you are crazy, have guts, get used to it then buy from you.

HUSTLE until your haters ask if you are hiring! LOL


5. Hire a Coach. This I cannot stress enough. You can do so much on your own, you can do so much more QUICKER with a coach. 

As an Executive Business Coach, clients come to me from all walks of life, doctors to technicians, entrepreneurs to CEOs even….multiple 7 figure earners who want to do something different. A coach can help you achieve your BIG goals quicker and in a shorter amount of time AND connect you with the right people. Every successful person who I have interviewed has said how coaching helped them to excel….from athletes to Forbes featured business owners.




Begin your journey toward success today!