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People can tell if you are confident in what you are selling, offering or promoting before you even open your mouth or share your expertise. Here are a few tips I teach at my seminars that you can do in order to exude confidence on or offline.


1.  See Yourself as THE EXPERT

My first tip on how to be and project more confidence is to see yourself as THE EXPERT in what you are talking about, sharing about and/or selling. People listen to, buy from and do business with experts, especially when they have the credibility to back it up. If you want to sound or project confidence, position yourself as THE EXPERT amongst your peers, even if you have been in business for a shorter time as them or have less money than they do, read my Forbes article here on how to do so.


2.  Dress well

People look at image first before personality (although personality is what sells all the time). We all know that first impressions count, having the right image definitely brings out confidence, especially if you are doing presentations. Remember, the audience is watching you before they listen to you so look like the amount you want them to buy.


3.  Have the Right Body Language

Having the right body language is also a good way to project confidence. Look up, talk to people straight in the eye, give a firm hand shake and maintain the right posture, all of this shows whether you value yourself and your clients/customers. There are numerous books on body language, invest in some and perfect how you position yourself in front your clients, prospects or audience.


4.  Believe in Your Brand, Product or Service

Believe so much in your brand, product or service that even if your competition knows they have a better product or service, the very way you promote or portray yours, they will think that yours is better. Become a major brand promoter or hire a company to do so. Repetition is key to keeping your clients’ minds focused on you and your offerings constantly.


5.  Learn a little about a lot.

That’s my mantra in business. Even though you have to trust your employees, colleagues or even business partners, learn a little about all the functionalities, processes and workings of your business. If you are going to see a client, he wants to know that you have at least researched his product or service. When you prepare, you appear more confident in why they would want to contract, hire or work with you.


6.  Learn to become a great listener and great communicator.

Do your own due diligence always, always, always so you can communicate better with your clients or prospects, they feel you at least are confident in not only why they should hire you, but why doing business with you will profit their bottom line, hands down!

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