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Do you believe that you possess the talents and abilities to secure your own financial success? YES you do. I’m going to show you how by following my 6 P’s to success you can have success both in life and in business they way YOU choose.

First, let me ask you a few questions that stop most people from attaining the level of success they desire:

  1. Do you possess the skills, contacts and knowhow to bring out those talents and skills that other people say you are good at, you can make money from or that you know you can do better than anybody else? You might have a job or business that you love but it’s not making money.
  2. What do you need? If someone showed you what it takes to WIN BIG, would you do it? Would you just go for it?
  3. Do you have the end in mind, do you have a clear, structured and focused plan or do you need a structure and strategy?
  4. Do you know how to do what you want to do?
  5. What is your why and is it challenging enough for you to take action?

If you are not making the money you know you can make, what is the thing holding you back?

Let’s talk about my 6 P’s to success and how you can do it too!


Do you know your purpose in life? Perhaps you already do, perhaps you are just finding it out or perhaps you still don’t have a clue what your purpose is or how can you make money from your purpose?

At one of my seminars I asked a gentleman what his purpose was, he didn’t know. I then asked him what was the one thing he always wanted to do since he was a child but didn’t know ‘how to do it’, he said open up a fitness/wellness centre. So why haven’t you done this? I asked, he said fear of not knowing how, he had a wife and family, if it didn’t work he didn’t want his family to suffer. So, I asked him why he thought it wouldn’t work, he said he had no skills, didn’t know how, didn’t know if he had the time with his current job, so he just left it. I then asked him, if he lost his job how would he support himself and his family anyway? He didn’t know the answer to this question either. The following Monday he lost his job after 23 years and after coaching and mentoring with myself he launched his publishing company and wellness retreat from his garage! Ready to get going, take my FREE Entrepreneur Assessment here.

Your purpose is that one thing you were born to do. How do you find it? Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is your big dream/dreams?
  • What makes you get up out of bed? Not your alarm clock or kids jumping on the bed
  • What gives you life every time you do it?
  • What will you do without being paid for it?
  • What gives you goose bumps every time you do it?
  • What gives you that feeling of fulfilment when you see other lives changing because of it?

Well THAT is your purpose!

When discovering what your purpose is, take time to re-evaluate your life daily and use solution based fact finding that you can provide to other people. Zig Ziglar says if you help enough people get what they want you will get what you want.

For me, my purpose is speaking – whenever I get up in front of the room, I’m home. When you see someone doing something and you think ‘I can do that better’ – perhaps you can, that is your purpose.

With my Executive Coaching Clients, I help them first find their destiny and purpose because when you do, life becomes a joy, money becomes much more than a dream and your time becomes your own.

Statistics show that the majority of people never find their purpose in life, happily going along existing, fretting about bills, more month than money and never really enjoying life like they are supposed to. Is that you? I not only urge you to find your destiny and purpose quick, but monetise it too! Learn more here.


Passion is that thing that gives you fulfilment, the thing that you can’t stop thinking about, working for, caring about or talking about. It’s the thing you do without thinking sometimes. It’s the thing that offers you a feeling of satisfaction. Your passion may be teaching – why aren’t you teaching and being paid well? Your passion may be investing, your passion might be writing articles, blogs – the only difference between you and J.K. Rowling is that she wrote that first novel – perhaps your article can be turned into a book and with the right training become a best seller! Your passion might be the computer – there are people making $10,000 a day from home on their computer – why can’t you?

Find your passion as it will truly bring you huge success if you are willing to take the next 18 months to develop those skills! Why 18 months? Because it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in your field. This is not a quick fix. Especially if you want to retire in 5 years or less, you better start doing it now. Need help? Click Here Now.


The right place at the right time – how many people have said that to you? ‘You need to be in the right place at the right time’ – rubbish! You need to create the right environment for you and position yourself with the right people to create the right opportunities. Opportunity doesn’t come looking for you, you have to go after it!

For a lot of people and I hope not you, their current position according to them determines if they will win or not. “A man is not what he was born with, a man is who he makes of himself”. Your past and present does not equal your future.

Start from ‘HERE’. ‘I am HERE’ – say this to yourself. ‘I am here’ BUT this is where I need to be in 18 months. Maybe you are in debt, not earning what you are worth, renting, working for money, living from hand to mouth, this is your current position – but what do you want your position to be in 18 months?

I tell my audiences at all my seminars ‘Who You Are is Not Where You Are and Where You Are is Not Who You Are’. As long as you’re alive you are becoming! You have to be becoming to become and that takes time.

So, make a list of your current position and work with a mentor or coach to help you plan out and position yourself over the next 18 months to achieve your destiny.

Sometimes you may have to position yourself with the right people who you may not even like to get where you want to be, to earn the money you want to earn. It’s not always pretty but you have to do it regardless!


This is key in attaining your goals and attaining the level of successful you desire. Most people are not preparing themselves for success, they somehow think they will get there without any preparation whatsoever. Well think again! It’s better to be prepared than be unprepared when the right opportunity comes along.

In Think and Grow Rich, Mr Barnes want to Mr Edison with little money, no influence and no education but regardless, he studied the man – prepared for what would come after, he had that initial meeting and the opportunity presented itself to him.

How to prepare:

  • Do your own due diligence
  • Do your research into products/services
  • Understand the legalities behind your chosen path
  • Find people who believe in you and stand with you
  • Empower your mind that no matter what the outcome you’ll keep going

We all set out goals for the new year or next 6 months, but have you set out daily, weekly, monthly goals to help you to prepare for those BIG goals?

New business – Who do you know that is successful that can show you the ropes? Need help? Take my Entrepreneur Assessment here.

Speaking – find a speaker that can help you. Always be willing to pay experts well.

Charity – who do you know that is already running a charity? Ask them what to do.

There is nothing new under the sun, someone else has done it – ask them for help! Make it your duty to go online or ask a friend or colleague who knows someone who can help you. We have not because we ask not.


WOW! That’s called work. Work – nobody ever drowned in sweat! A living is made 9-5, a fortune is made after 5!

At my events, I speak to my audience about the work schedule and model sales week – as long as you are in business you are selling either goods or services or both. Some people say to me ‘I don’t like sales’ – newsflash, you are sold to everyday. My 7 Steps to 7 Figure Sales® Training Program would help you understand the sales process clearly.

You have to put some pressure on yourself to attain your dreams, but make sure it’s structured pressure. Okay it might mean 3-4 evenings a week or all your Saturdays for a while, staying up late or working out when you don’t feel like it (tell me about it) – but that is what is required.

Dominate social media with your presence, products, talent, gifts, abilities and skills. Create a plan for your business or potential business that requires you to be disciplined with your time and money if you want to make your yearly income into your monthly income.

We all know how faith works – believe all you can, but only when you get out there in the trenches, on the road, then things start to happen. Commit to doing the work.

When I committed, providence moved. You have to do the work. I have spent over 10 years working on myself and my business – this is why I am able to mentor my clients to create and grow a global brand across the world. Get to work – work on making this year, the year you live your destiny.


After your focused and working in 90 Day slots on your business as well as having your mind in order to create and generate residual income, take time to rest, relax and reflect daily on what you have done or what needs to be done. No TV, no distractions – just you and your affirmations or meditation. Where could you change things? Say sorry and forgive someone who has hurt you. Be grateful for what you have or don’t have, as sometimes what you don’t have is better than what you do have. Enjoy the fruits of your labour and float a while……Attend a retreat to connect with yourself and others as you enjoy time away in a different environment. Learn more here.


Begin your journey toward success today!