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Many times in life, we face situations that outrightly assault our self-confidence. They cause us to lose faith in ourselves and question our decisions, actions and abilities. When that happens, self-doubt steps in.

Self-doubt is as detrimental to your success as lack of water is to your survival.

Here are 5 steps you can follow to turn around self-doubt and become the CHAMPION you were meant to be.


1. Recognise that self-doubt is a SIGNAL

Self-doubt starts in your mind. Of course it’s triggered by circumstances, but it’s a product of your thoughts, your self-talk, and your belief system. Along my journey in life, I’ve beat up on myself many times thinking I wasn’t up to a task, or couldn’t produce the quality of work I envisioned I could create. These feelings are natural. Acknowledge them. But know that anytime you begin to feel uncertain about your capabilities, it’s a signal to do a self-audit. Ask yourself:

  • What situation caused this feeling?
  • When did it begin?
  • Who was involved?
  • How serious is your insecurity at this moment? Is it debilitating? Is it temporary or has it been this way for a long time and you’re now aware of it?

Find the root cause and then follow up with the next few steps.


2. Understand that self-doubt tells you what you need to learn

Self-auditing exposes your internal shortcomings. Those inadequacies present the perfect opportunity for you to gain a competitive edge, or stand out more; like champions do! You may need to learn how to manage your emotions. You may need to learn more about a specific skill you are not competent at. You may need to learn more about the person you’re working with, or for. Do you need to learn how to stop procrastinating? Perhaps your issue is money management? How about learning about what you don’t know?

Either way, self-doubt leads you down a path of discovery that sets the foundation for the next point.


3. Appreciate that self-doubt shows you what to improve

Yes, self-improvement becomes a product of self-doubt IF you do your self-audit with conviction and identify deficiencies. All champions have confidence! They ooze it out of their bodies. Sometimes it’s a façade because they also experience setbacks. They know that tests, competition, economic conditions, life situations or physical limitations can be a challenge. But they also know you win the war by winning small battles.

This is where structure comes in. Champions set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) goals. They have schedules. They sacrifice instant gratification to achieve their end goal. Success means something to them. When you realise where and what you have to improve, you are ready for the next stage.


4. Realise that self-doubt makes you aware that there is no reason to quit

DO NOT sabotage your potential to succeed. Period! Self-doubt can only hinder your progress if YOU let it. Throughout history, every influential leader, every inventor, every successful business person had a backstory that did not include them running through a field of daisies every day. In fact, what they have mostly in common, are their numberless failures.

Ask yourself, if you did have the confidence, the knowledge and ability to leave a global legacy, what would you be focusing on now? What would you be doing now? If those questions don’t shake you, I don’t know what will. You cannot be a champion until you realise your fullest potential and give your best until you achieve your goals. And this leads me to the last point.


5. Know that self-doubt can ALWAYS be eliminated

When you realise that self-doubt begins with the word “self”, you will recognise who truly has the ultimate control – you do. Get the help you need. Get a coach or mentor. Ask the questions you want to have answered. Tap into a spiritual source; if you are so inclined. Read more, alter your conversations (with yourself and with others), remove negativity and negative habits, change your social circles, revisit your goals, do whatever you have to during the previous phases to gain the confidence you need.

I have never read about or seen a champion with a lack of confidence in themselves. Winning requires nothing less than total surrender to the characteristics of resilience, positivity, consistency and focus.


If you are struggling to be the champion you should be in life because of self-doubt, I encourage you to repeat these steps as many times as you need to. You’ll be a CHAMPION at every turn!


Begin your journey toward success today!