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About 15 years ago I was turned down for a job that I was more than qualified for. Instead they gave it to the other girl because she had more experience than I had.

I cried and cried because I really needed the money (and the job).

I thought, what lesson is there for me here?

I was then invited to an event where they talked about corporate sales and investing. I thought I could do that, so I gave that my ALL. Within 18 months, I was the top salesperson in that company and then for 7 consecutive years in the UK & Europe.  From the investment knowledge I gained, I became a property investor, started Camilita® Global with multiple brands including Camilita Shop, launched the Event of Champions® and travelled to over 50 countries.

Today looking back, I’m so glad they didn’t give me that job. I probably would never have had the experiences I’ve had. If something isn’t working out, don’t get angry, you have something bigger and better coming. Just believe.

Trust the process and stay focused. ️The way you get to it might be different but stay focused on the END goal.



Let me tell you, you will have a lot of false starts. Starts you think… this is the one, then only to realise this is not it. You then try something else, this is not it either. Then you decide to develop, produce or sell something that solves your OWN problem and….. well…. it takes off. I did it and so can you! 

Stop beating yourself up if it’s does work the 1st, 2nd of 3rd time round. Most successful companies come out of a need the owner had for themselves and then found a way to solve. Look at Uber, Facebook, Airbnb and others….It took over 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb! How many times have you tried?

It’s intimidating when you don’t know something, and you don’t know how. It can mean the difference between complete success and failure.


Here are 5 ways you can overcome that:

1. ASK for help!

My acronym for ASK is…
◦ Always
◦ Seek
◦ Knowledge

There is a quote that says ‘We have not because we ask not’. So ASK, if they say no you’re not going to be worse off!


2. Go and learn

Knowledge does not stop when you leave university, college or a course. Knowledge is continuous. I cringe when someone says to me they don’t know how and are not even willing to learn! Start learning here


3. Collaborate with others where their strengths are your weaknesses.

You don’t always have to know it all, you just have to know who does.


4. Hire a coach to teach you HOW.

I have learnt it’s easier to learn from someone what NOT to do than waste time and money trying to get it right! Ask about coaching


5. Just do it!!

By the time you’re thinking about it, someone else just did it! Poof…. your idea is gone and someone else is making money from it.



‘There is no better time than the present in order to take action to succeed’. – Camilita


Begin your journey toward success today!