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It doesn’t matter how good your brand, product or service is, you need to generate new business always. Sometimes it’s not about how much you generate, but how well you can get repeat business or multiple streams of income from it.

Over the last decade, more so over the last 3 years, the way business has changed and the way new business is being generated is amazing.

Companies who do not focus on change will suddenly be left behind when it comes to not only getting new business but how much new business they get and what portion of the market they get into.

We all know about The Experience Economy now and yes, the YOU Economy which is particularly being driven by millennials. If as a company, you don’t embrace these new emerging economies and how to deal with them when it comes to sales or marketing…. well…you already know what can happen.

As a business and sales growth expert, I am constantly teaching companies and business owners how to generate new business in both the Experience and You Economies.



Here are my Top 7 Ways to Win/Get New business


  1. Find your clients’ hot buttons and pain points by asking questions.

This I cannot stress enough. So many people try to sell their product without finding out about the client, their needs, their pain points and their big why. You do this by asking questions – as many as possible and being interested in THEM. Then show them how your brand, product or service can alleviate their pain points or meet their business needs. This I teach in my 7 Steps to 7 Figure Sales ® Training Program.


  1. Be exact, be specific, be direct and be polite.

You don’t have to be inappropriate to get ahead. You get ahead by caring more, risking more and serving more. I had a very inappropriate analysis from someone wanting to get business from me. Instead of being polite when it comes to finding out about my needs, he just told me why my way was ALL wrong instead of knowing what the heck I was doing! You can be direct without being rude by talking less and asking more questions.


  1. Have a customer plan v business plan.

Long gone are the days when a business is focused on their own business plan v their customer plan. Your customers would normally tell you WHAT you should sell them and not the other way around. Therefore, listening to your customers can bring in so much additional revenue. This applies to startup companies and entrepreneurs as well as bigger multi-national companies. A Customer Plan v Business Plan works much better for all in the long term. Customers feel they are heard and listened to and therefore buy more.


  1. Collaborate with like-minds where your ideal customers are.

Collaboration is KEY when you want to grow big and grow fast. The key is to collaborate with like-minds and with people and companies that have your best interest and are upfront when it comes to the agreement.


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  1. Grow a tribe or following, support that tribe and share your business ideas with that tribe until they start coming to you for support.

This is something that I have tried for myself and my brands. People buy YOU not your brand, product or service when you are the person behind the brand. So, make sure you are who people want to buy into.


  1. Ask for referrals!

I can’t stress this enough with my clients and when I teach my 7 Steps to 7 Figure Sales® Training. Referral marketing is one of the biggest ways you can get new business, but it must be done right. We built large sales teams of thousands in the past by mainly asking for referrals. In business, 1 + 1 = 11, not 2 so you better get asking! You can listen to a recent training I did here.


  1. Incentivising your current clients or business partners.

This is an understated and underused trick with companies and business owners. People want to feel appreciated, cared for and feel like they mean something to you after a sale. They want a relationship, conversation and connection. Create an incentivising model for your company to treat your past customers better and allow them to bring new business to you.

  • It has been said there are 3 ways to get information out:
  • Tele – phone
  • Tele – vision
  • Tell – ah – woman!

I’ll leave that one right there…

So, there you have it, my 7 Top Ways to Win/Get New Business. Any questions drop me a line here.



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