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Now tell Camilita more about YOU and what you need to transform your life & business and Live like a Champion.

Through Camilita’s personalised coaching process, Camilita truly hears what is needed – and her proprietary techniques for discovering human potential is revolutionary. If you’re serious about YOUR business and ready to move to THE NEXT LEVEL, Camilita is the Executive Business Coach you need on your side to have HUGE results. Camilita has a few questions for you…


  • Are you at the point where you are saying to yourself ‘I have made a lot of money, but what’s next’?
  • Are you saying ‘It’s about time I have multiple steams of residual income but just don’t know what to do or how’?
  • Are you at the point where you are saying to yourself ‘I have to make a change’ or ‘I don’t want to face another year unprepared, unplanned or without support to fulfil my dreams’?
  • Are you struggling to get your business of the ground or confused about what to do?
  • Are you thinking about changing careers, calling it quits or do you want some direction but don’t know where to turn?
  • You know you are supposed to make a huge difference in the world but you just don’t know what that is or how to get started.

By telling Camilita a bit more about you, she can better understand WHO you are, what you want to accomplish and how you can truly create your NEW Reality NOW! Go ahead and answer the questions below and give as much information as you can.

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