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Gold Podcast Sponsorship

$9,997.00 $9,497.00



Podcasts are now a dynamic way to get your products and services in front of large numbers of listeners from all around the world for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

Become a Gold Sponsor of The Camilita® Podcast and get…..

  • 20 Episodes with pre, mid & post roll endorsements.
  • The sponsor image (listed as “Sponsored By”) on YouTube.
  • The sponsor image will be displayed on the podcast website.
  • A 15-second pre-roll endorsement from the host(s) – sent in by you (before the opening music intro to the podcast).
  • A 45-second mid-roll endorsement from the host(s) – sent in by you (during the podcast interview).
  • A 10-second post-roll thank you endorsement from the host(s) – sent in by you (directly before the closing music of the podcast).
  • Minimum 10 posts across social media feeds on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn reaching a global audience and thousands of followers.
  • Your logo placed in weekly emails to the podcast newsletter subscribers.
  • A written endorsement spot on each episode’s post on the website.


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