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21: Paul Boross | Mastering Your Communication

"Your effective communication can result in a better job, business success, marriage or relationships. Communication is Key to everything."   Listen to "21: Paul Boross | Mastering Your Communication" on Spreaker.  Paul Boross - aka The Pitch Doctor - specializes...

20: Amy Walker | Managing Life and Business

20: Amy Walker | Managing Life and Business

"You have to test and try what works for you. Stop looking at what you can’t do, tell me what you CAN do and let’s fix it! "   Listen to "20: Amy Walker | Managing Life and Business" on Spreaker.  Amy Walker is a Small Business Strategist, International Speaker,...

18: Dr. Paul Jenkins | The Power of Positivity

"You get to a positive end by making a choice to define your own outcome regardless of what you might be going through."   Listen to "18: Dr. Paul Jenkins | The Power of Positivity" on Spreaker.  With Dr. Paul you get increased engagement, productivity and...

17: Nicole Jansen | Discovering Your Edge

"You have to develop the champion mindset by looking into yourself and creating your own life tools."   Listen to "17: Nicole Jansen | Discovering Your Edge" on Spreaker.  There are few people who can captivate both a small group of 15 and inspire a large group...

16: Andrew Stotz | Making Investing Simple

"You don’t get rich in the stock market, you get rich taking calculated risks, doing your research and having a strong team."   Listen to "16: Andrew Stotz | Making Investing Simple" on Spreaker.  Andrew Stotz, Ph.D., CFA is the CEO of A. Stotz Investment...

13: Natasa Denman | Life, Legacy and Family

"If you are creating a company, create one that lives beyond you and one you are excited to jump out of bed to do every day."   Listen to "13: Natasa Denman | Life, Legacy and Family" on Spreaker.   Natasa Denman is The Ultimate 48 Hour Author. A highly sought...

12: Ryan Vet | It’s OK to Say NO!

12: Ryan Vet | It’s OK to Say NO!

"True entrepreneurs are not afraid to say no to some opportunities if it’s not in line with their values. "   Listen to "12: Ryan Vet | It’s OK to Say NO!" on Spreaker.   Ryan Vet is an innovative leader, entrepreneur and author. He has presented to audiences...

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