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How Impactful You are Determines Your Level of Success!

It’s very easy to make an impact when you’re feeling empowered, but how do you continue to make an impact when you’re not.

Are you in a process right now? Maybe you are going from one job to another. Maybe you are launching another business or revamping your current one? Maybe you are wanting early retirement but don’t have a concrete plan?

Your impact not only affects your life and business but the people around you too.


If you are in the process stage and still want to make an impact, here are a few things you can do:


1. Trust the process. Don’t be in a hurry to get ahead of yourself. Indeed, hire your weaknesses but do your OWN due diligence.

2. Create a support system around you whose expertise you can utilise.

3. Give yourself options. Do your research, then execute.

4. Hire a coach to teach you how if you’re wanting support. This is what I do to help clients in process mode and those wanting to make a greater impact.

5. Follow your heart, intuition or nudging. It will never steer you in the wrong direction. This is from personal experience…

  • Your impact can change lives and indeed the world.
  • People are waiting for your brand, product or service.
  • Do whatever it takes to make it happen.





1.    Be consistent. Consistency is the key to keeping and maintaining momentum.
2.    Collaborate with people of influence. People of influence usually have a team of other influencers they rely on when they need it.
3.    Indeed – get a team! We all know teamwork makes the dream work so get a team quickly, especially one that’s smarter than you!
4.    Trust a coach, mentor or partner to take you through. You can ONLY do so much by yourself. I coach clients all over the world and I tell them this always.
5.    You make a greater impact by responding to situations differently.

Recently, I had a situation in the office that almost threw me off my game. Instead of reacting negatively, I asked myself what alternative solution can come from this? I found another way to deal with it and saved my sanity! Actually saved myself from ruining a good evening.

– When situations arise…stop! Ask yourself……

– How should I react?

– What alternative way can I deal with this?

– Is there another solution?

Ultimately you have to protect your mind (and your sanity) to stop it from ruining your day (and your life).

6.    When I offer Executive Business Coaching to a client, I not only coach them in business but in life.

To make a greater impact in coaching you have to be a good listener. Listening is key…as they will tell you what they are not telling you. Effective listening is paramount to their progress and your success with them. Take the time to engage in effective listening by asking questions.

Are you holding yourself back because you’re a perfectionist and not allowing yourself to just do it?

1. You know you should be selling but you’re making it perfect first…

2. You know you should just do it, but you don’t have everything in place…

3. You know time is of the essence, but you feel you still have time…

While you’re thinking about it, someone else is doing it and your BIG idea is gone.

Just do it!

  • Do the work
  • Get in traffic
  • Learn that program
  • Launch that course
  • Write that eBook
  • Start that business
  • You’ll perfect it as you go along.

Starbucks, Nike or even Disney didn’t get it right from day one, neither will you.

Go on….Get the job done…


Begin your journey toward success today!