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We all want to accomplish more in less time and earn more money so I want to give you some success principles we teach at the Event of Champions that can help you to achieve more and earn more.

Most entrepreneurs have more than one thing going on at the same time. Today I run 3 successful global businesses and am in the process of starting another one. As founder of Event of Champions, an International Speaker, Executive Business Mentor, Leadership & Global Brand Expert and a Property Investor – when it comes to accomplishing more in less time with structure, I’m one of those perfectionists.

The whole idea is to be productive five days a week. According to a recent survey, Tuesdays and Thursdays seem to be the most productive days as Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are not the most favourite. Some people have mentioned that they love Sunday afternoons as they use that time to plan out their week.

Due to the current nature of the global economy, customers are holding back and entrepreneurs are finding it difficult to cope with the new ways to generate more income according to a recent Bloomberg article.

I want to give you My 6 Ways to Accomplish More as an Entrepreneur and hope this will help you in your business.  


1. Read your Goals before you start the day

This helps you to stay focused on the BIG PICTURE at all times. With everything moving so fast from the minute you enter the office till the time you leave for home, you need to remind yourself always WHY you’re doing what you’re doing AND it’s NOT for money!


2. Take things into perspective

Most people approach everything in business as urgent, especially if they are new in business. Believe me, if you treat everything as urgent, you will not have a life, the one you are trying to build. Entrepreneurs build a business for lifestyle but often times, that business takes over their life and they are left resenting the one thing that can bring them financial freedom and freedom with their time.

I have a rule in my business that my staff treat everything with a 3 point rule:
Is it Urgent?
Is it Important?
Can it Wait?

Everything is evaluated on this and I have even adopted it in my life, marriage, with my extended family and acquaintances. So make a list of everything you need doing, delegate, do it in small chunks and prioritize everything – it makes the task look smaller and simpler.


3. Do ONLY the work that pays

Whenever corporate clients, companies, small businesses or solopreneurs call me in to do sales or performance training, the one thing I stress is doing the work that pays. People get caught up being busy all day but not necessarily doing the work that pays, I call that busy being broke. Prospecting call, sales calls, follow ups, one to one meetings, networking, asking for referrals are all work that pays. Make sure you and your teams are focused on the work that pays!


4. Follow up with precision!

It’s the one big mistake entrepreneurs make and that is they don’t follow up correctly. In my 7 Steps to 7 Figure Sales®, I teach entrepreneurs that the follow up process is the most important for an entrepreneur. People don’t always buy on the first, second or third contact. It takes the average person 8 to 12 contacts before they buy, YES 8–12!

The process of BAMFAM (Book a meeting from a meeting) is so crucial, even if it is a phone call, it is a meeting. Your ideal client usually does not come from the prospect you are talking to but who they know, that’s why the BAMFAM process, if done properly, can quadruple your sales.


5. Delegate more and delegate quick

If you are a perfectionist like I am and hate making mistakes, I know how it feels when you have to trust someone else with your business. You can either have 1000 hours of your own or 1 hour of 1000 people, with the latter, you will get more done in less time. Delegate more and delegate quick.


6. Rise early and work on you before you work on your business

Well I have changed! I hated getting up early. For years I started work at 10 am till 7 pm, I preferred to work late than get up early. I hated mornings until I found the power of working out in the morning, reading my affirmations, looking at my goals and spending time with me before I got to the office.

The 2.5 hours I spend with myself in the morning sets me up for the rest of the day. I finish by 5:30 or 6 pm and am in bed now by 10pm. I feel energised, accomplished and fulfilled when I take care of me first then my business, try it you will love it!

Go ahead and contact me here directly. I’d be happy to help you accomplish more in your business today.


Begin your journey toward success today!