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The YOUEconomy is the new norm for millions of people around the world. People who want more choice, more flexibility and more power to work, play, create and plan their lives according to their OWN desires.

More and more people today are wanting more autonomy in their jobs and career than ever before and employers have to stand and take notice. It has been said that the average person today stays in a job for approximately 4 years. That’s alarming when you consider jobs in the past were for life.

On the other hand, entrepreneurs are wanting more from their employees while giving them the freedom to create. Employees still want the security of their jobs though so it’s a fine line when it comes to the YOUEconomy.

So how can YOU make it work for YOU in the YOUEconomy today?



5 Important Tips to Make it Work in the YOUEconomy:


1. Get a side hustle if you have just one income or one job and make more money.

In doing so, make sure you create a system that works for your whole life (work, family and sanity). The danger would be to start something that is not sustainable or achievable with the time, money and effort you have. Instead sit down and plan a comprehensive list of to-do’s, manage expectations and get a strategic plan.


2. Negotiate your hours with your boss and work from home at least 1 day a week.

This may not be ideal for everyone but if your job allows you to do this, then by all means, ASK! What have you got to lose? The key is to stay disciplined and get the job done when you are at home. If you are not self-disciplined, don’t bother. That extra 2 hours of commute time can afford you the chance to set up an online shop or learn a few skills.


3. Start a business from your years of study and expertise – Sell What You Know.

This could be the best thing you ever do. When clients come to me asking what they should start as a side business or how to expand their existing one, ‘I always ask them – what are your skills? What do you do best? Show me your past and I’ll help you shape and monetise your future’.

Quite often your past studies, experiences or expertise are ripe for a new business and/or expanding your existing one. You would be surprised how much you can come up with when you decide to apply what you know.

4. Create Multiple Streams of Residual Income by doing something else on evenings and weekends.

This here is my mantra. You know you can no longer rely on one or two incomes so NOW is the time to create more than one income. I did Network Marketing for almost 10 years, it’s one sure way of teaching you how to sell and teaching you about people. Membership programs, affiliates, getting or keeping your current clients on a retainer to give you that monthly/yearly income can go a very long way while you are building your dream.


5. Hire a coach to help you get it done!! It’s that simple.

This is my mantra daily to my following, my tribe and everybody that asks me how to do it faster and with less stress. The one sure way to build anything is by taking instructions from someone who has already done it. It can save you years of heartache and tones of money. Whatever field you are looking to get into or expand in, there is always someone who has already done it and done it bigger and faster.


Today you have more choice than ever before, to truly Live Like a Champion in the YOUEconomy. It’s time to create your OWN economy regardless of what’s going on in the world. Take the time off to re-evaluate, reshape and recharge your YOU OWN Economy and create your own YOUEconomy.


Begin your journey toward success today!