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“You need to understand the story your numbers are telling… You have to start with the end in mind, you’ve got to have the vision, because if you know where you’re going, it frames all your decision making….”


Listen to “84: Pam Jordan | Focus On Your Business Profit First!” on Spreaker.


Pam Jordan is a no-nonsense financial expert and speaker. Pam specialises in analysing and streamlining the backend of fast-growing companies as well as efficiently creating more profit and strategic growth.

Pam has an MBA from Elon University and has been honored with numerous awards and accolades including: Outstanding Business and Financial Executive of the Year, Financial Executive of the Year, and 40 under 40 in the Triad Business Journal. She has been featured on, as well as podcasts such as The Digital  Marketer and Business Lunch with Roland Frasier. Pam has a passion for speaking on stage in front of thousands of business owners. She is also a certified Profit First Professional. 

Roughly five years ago Pam started the Pivot Business Group. Carrying the title CEO and CFO, she works day in and day out to identify and eliminate errors, create financials businesses can trust, and work with her clients long term to maximise growth (and profit). Pam recognised that most entrepreneurs begin their business based on an idea or passion. This being the case, many of them are not interested in the financial side of running a company. That’s where the Pivot team steps in. They focus on untangling businesses’ finances while you continue to grow your company, create ideas, and take over the industry.  

Pam and her team manage over a billion dollars for entrepreneurs. 

Pam and her husband Nick met while Pam was in her senior year of college and have been together ever since. Together they have three children. 

In her personal time Pam likes to brainstorm new business endeavors, blog on her food account, and end the night with her favorite drink – Bourbon. /