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“Stand tall for what you stand for and who you are as you discover your true self.”


Listen to “7: Sara Troy | The Power of Self Discovery” on Spreaker.


Self Discovery Media is owned and operated by Sara Troy who also hosts many shows genres with people who are making a global positive difference in the lives of others.

Sara found her purpose and calling with her radio/video blog network Self Discovery Media. When she started her radio/blog interviewing she would seek out those inspirers who had embraced their redirect and were now sharing their story and skilled knowledge with others to enhance their own life’s journey.

Each week Sara interviews exceptional people living extraordinary lives, sharing their expertise and their own self-discovery. We discover knowledge on our health, our inner wealth, our planet with 18 genres to choose from we discover our role here and our possibilities. The story of others in overcoming life’s challenges in placing value on self, and in igniting their true meaningful calling, is truly liberating.

Believing that inspiration begets invitation, she knows that other people’s life stories will invite us to all find our own way forward in our own lives. We are inspired by those who have gone before us and who now show us how with self courage, inner strength and inner love how we can thrive through anything that life takes us got through.

With over 2000 shows in our Orchard of Wisdom Library of which Sara has done 1200 shows, the knowledge you seek is but a click away. We are all so much more than we believe we are.


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