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Dean Kelly is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold several businesses over the last 20 years. He holds the record for the fastest zero to exit sale of a recruitment company, exiting for an 8 figure sum at 30 years old, only 2.8 years after starting. After which he took control of the acquiring PLC as CEO and restructured the group for an exit in 2015.

Today Dean is still very active in business and entrepreneurship. He is the founder of a social enterprise schools platform that removes unconscious bias from the recruitment process. He is the Chair and Owner for RealiseEd an education agency, the Co-founder of the UK’s largest network of recruitment CEOs and the NED, advisor and original investor in SourceBreaker, the 48th fastest growing tech company in Europe (FT 2019).

Dean is also a mentor, advisor and coach to several Founders and CEOs and he is soon to release a masterclass training course.

Dean has helped to set up, fund and Chair a charity to help NEETs, he was invited to No:10 by David Cameron for services to business, over the summer of 2020 he sourced over 1000 computers for children in areas of deprivation and he has always been a keen sportsman, albeit a failed boxer and footballer. He is a north London council estate lad, who set out without a degree and without any money to achieve is goals. |


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