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“How to perfect your message for the needs of your market…”


Listen to “67: Angela Durrant | Overcoming the Barriers of Effective Communication” on Spreaker.

Angela Durrant has worked for many years as one of Wales’ top vocal and performance coaches. She has worked with a wide range of speaking clients and musicians both in her private practice and at the University of South Wales.

Angela has spent the last few years developing a system called V.I.S.I.B.L.E. to help her non-singing clients present and speak with confidence, presence and power.

Angela has contributed to BBC Radio and is sought out by coaches, managers, leaders, and companies who want to up the level of their skills. She is passionate about helping people get their message out without selling out and works with successful and aspiring business owners, companies, organisations, consultants and coaches who want more visibility. They find their voice, master their message, grow their brand through speaking and learn to impact their audiences. |


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