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“Building your confidence will enable you to build your brand as you commit to the process…”


Listen to “60: Dom Faussette | Building Confident Leaders to Leadership” on Spreaker.


Dom Faussette is a Radio Show Host and Executive Coach, he is a best selling author and keynote speaker. Dom is a Subject Matter Expert in Leadership Confidence and Development.

Dom is a military veteran and prior Police Officer with 10+ years of corporate leadership experience. He is the CEO of ThinkReactLead. ThinkReactLead is a company dedicated to pushing people past their limiting beliefs by bridging the gap between their mind and heart for increased success.

As a child Dom was challenged by severe stuttering, and was extremely quiet around others. It took until he was 2I and serving in the United States Air Force with the 305th SFS as a K9 handler to learn how to be comfortable in his own vulnerability when he developed a relationship and talked to his dog.

Later as a Police Officer with the City of Jackson, Mississippi Dom had to make a split-second decision on whether or not to take a perpetrators life during an altercation. Dom decided against it and resigned with two-weeks notice. In that moment of clarity, he realised that his purpose in life is to develop and encourage vulnerable leadership.

Today, Dom is a certified speaker/coach with the John Maxwell Leadership Team and founder of his own company, Leaders 4 Leaders, LLC. Dom continues to work nationally with the best and brightest in the leadership development field.