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“Understanding your money and retirement is not rocket science. You have to have a plan, be prepared mentally and develop new skills around money.”


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Lynn founded the company Women of Substance, LLC (WoS) in 2015. She transitioned into WoS after selling her former company of 35 years to a trusted associate.

In her new company, Lynn’s focus has been on what she views as the financial knowledge gap of Baby Boomer women where traditional stereotypes are being reexamined and exciting new opportunities await on the horizon. Viewing divorce, retirement, and widowhood not as a time of withdrawal and fear, but gearing up for new challenges and rewards, Lynn helps her clients prepare financially — and emotionally — for these significant transitions.

As it has from the start, Lynn’s fee-only business model ensures that there are no conflicts of interest. Quite simply, her clients’ needs come first. In fact, clients view Lynn not simply as a financial advisor, but as their partner in life’s financial journey.

She is the author of “Power of the Purse, Fear Free Finances for Baby Boomer Women” ( and she is the co-host of a weekly radio show, The Laurie and Lynn Show, on iTunes and streamed live on Saturday mornings at 9:00 AM on She has given keynote addresses to various regional non-profit annual events and is the author of a weekly blog at

She is also the host of a podcast, Power of the Purse, for the ears of Baby Boomer women who are interested in increasing their knowledge of financial matters from the words of women who have learned the hard way.


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