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“When you acknowledge your brilliance you can fulfil your dreams…”


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Jacynth Ivey currently sits at the helm of 2 companies: Inspiring Hope Ltd. and She is a Multi-Award-Winning Transformational Leader, Coach, Author, Mentor and sought-after Inspirational Speaker.

With over 25 years of experience in her field, she works with senior leaders who aren’t satisfied with where they are in their business or career. Having launched her career as a nurse, things evolved from there and she found her true passion in developing people and helping them to achieve their goals.

Utilising her experience as an executive director and non-executive director in the public sector along with her experience of being the chair of an award-winning charity, Jacynth works with corporate entities, training and consulting. She enjoys inspiring others, and is known for her expertise in diversity, inclusion, organisational development and corporate culture transformation. Jacynth makes a real and tangible difference to individuals, teams and organisations, resulting in a fundamental uplift in performance and productivity.

A woman of many talents, she authored the book “It’s okay to be different”, which helps people to transform their mind, reignite their passion and fulfil their dreams.

As a keynote speaker, coach and trainer, Jacynth helps transform the lives of her audience and clients through her energetic and action-driven programmes, designed with her clients in mind.

She credits her success to having strong beliefs, being clear and focused, and fostering strong relationships with others.


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