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“Discover your strengths, focus on what IS working… Remember, your job is to initiate conversations not control them.”


Listen to “47: Jeremy Scrivens | Your Business Will Grow When You Go From Hero to Host” on Spreaker.


Jeremy deploys a suite of strength based approaches to equip leaders and businesses to build positive cultures for high engagement, authentic collaboration and innovation at scale in the Summit & Social Rooms.

Jeremy works with enterprises, not for profits and communities in holistic change for sustainable growth. Jeremy is a recognised Appreciative Inquiry facilitator, coaching large scale positive change, collaboration and innovation in enterprises as diverse as Sydney Water, Melbourne Botanic Gardens, Uniting Care, SA Aged Care, Adelaide Fresh Produce Markets, Local Government, UK NHS, UK Cities of Manchester & Birmingham, Alloa in Scotland and HR Tech leader Ultimate Software.

Prior to this, Jeremy spent 25 years as a senior HR and Transformation Leader in the Public Service Board, the State Electricity Commission and Telstra, deploying state of the art transformation approaches including lean thinking, HRM, change management and Requisite Organisation.

Jeremy is a global player on Social Media, with a growing reputation as a thought leader and facilitator on the Future of Work in the Digital Age. He is a sought after speaker on the Future of Work, Appreciative Inquiry, Social Movements, Positive Disruption and Gen G – the young workforce members wired for collaboration for social good on a global scale. Jeremy has deployed Becoming Social as #MeWe – the world’s first syllabus to coach business and government how to collaborate authentically with their global communities on social media for social good.

Jeremy is a co-founder of Love in Action Wallan – a social movement as friends helping friends in the local community doing it tough e.g. homeless, victims of domestic violence, single mums, poverty and families.  Love in Action has 3,000 members or 50% of the town’s population.


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