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“Don’t give up. We’re more resilient than we believe and we do have options and choices. Once we realise that and start trusting that, we can begin to open new doors.”


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Dr. Jo Anne White is an International #1 bestselling, award winning author, speaker and consultant. She’s recognized as a Goodwill Global Ambassador for civil and humanitarian work in education, entrepreneurship, coaching and women’s issues. A certified life, spiritual and business coach, and energy master teacher, Dr. Jo Anne empowers and inspires men, women, families and businesses to achieve greater health and wellness, master success, thrive and triumph.

Her books, training and seminars have transformed millions of people to create the lives and businesses of their dreams. Executive Producer and Host of the POWER YOUR LIFE Shows, White’s been featured online, in publications as Good Housekeeping, More, and WebMD and appeared on Radio and Television Networks as NBC, CBS, FOX and Voice America sharing her expertise.


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