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“Listen to how Matthew went from a corporate job to being retired at 30, investing in property and other income generating assets.”


Listen to “36: Matthew Moody | Stop Living Dangerously and Plan Your Financial Future” on Spreaker.


Matthew Moody has been in the property and business space since 1995 and runs ‘League of Extraordinary Investors’ where he helps busy entrepreneurs invest in high-yielding properties in their spare time through his global professional investment community and mastermind.

HMO & Property Multi-Family Thought Leader, Author, Lobbyist & International Speaker. Matthew is an authority on property investment and is on a mission to solve the housing crisis in the next decade and provide the leading investment, education & advice on property. Matthew loves helping others create financial security & have fun. Matthew has a £3.5 million portfolio generating over £100k annually and since 2006 he’s helped clients build £170M of property portfolios.

Matthew has been on numerous TV and Radio shows as well as magazines, online and offline. He’s been featured on Working Lunch on BBC2 and has acted as an Advisor to Radio 4 for many years with general queries or sound bites on issues related to property and has been featured several times live on the air.

Matthew has spoken internationally to 1000+ audiences, he loves sharing his knowledge on how to make money in property and shared and spoken on stage with Robert Allen, Jack Canfield and Joseph McClendon III (Tony Robbins chief trainer). |


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