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“Just living is not good enough anymore. You now have to decide to make an impact, leave a legacy and live a higher level of consciousness.”


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Shane Ram is the CEO of STEP HR Consulting, Founder of Scientific Happiness, Property Investor, Founder of Don’t Settle for 7, Executive Coach, Author and a sought after Global Keynote Speaker. Shane works with CEOs, corporations, 6-7 Figure business owners and entrepreneurs to increase revenue, grow their businesses and live more fulfilling lives.

At the tender age of 31 Shane became a C-Suite Executive and helped organisations with employees from 70 different countries to manage through disruptive change and rapid growth. As head of the corporate university Shane trained senior leaders in human resource management, coaching and leadership which resulted in managers becoming better CEOs, giant leap in leadership capabilities which fostered company growth, launching six profitable new markets in 3 years.

Due to extensive experience in coaching and training senior leaders and CEOs, Shane set up STEP HR Consulting and quickly launched in 5 countries doing training in the areas of Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Communication, Change Management, Coaching and Human Resource Management. These programs elevated the individual performance of company leaders and resulted in better work relationships and ultimately increased revenues amidst relentless change.

In 2013 Shane launched a business in sales and built a sales team of over 4,000 distributors in 17 countries doing over $2M in sales helping entrepreneurs launch their businesses.

Working with senior managers, CEOs and entrepreneurs, Shane found that while many people, including himself, were successful, they weren’t necessary fulfilled or happy. Shane founded Scientific Happiness, which is a proven system based on science to help people find both success and fulfilment in their lives in the areas of business, relationships, health, career, parenting and finances.

From Shane’s years of experience training and coaching senior leaders and entrepreneurs, he found that most people are playing at a level way below their potential and are settling for less than they deserve, Shane created Don’t Settle for 7, Go for 10! The program provides a much-needed blueprint for leaders and entrepreneurs to increase their wealth, and build global businesses, create confidence and reach their highest potential physically and financially.

Shane has travelled extensively training and speaking and is a regular at HR Conferences across the  world and has shared the same stage with people like of Malcolm Gladwell, Bob Burg & Sharon Lechter. He has trained and consulted in the UK, Africa, North and Central America, South Pacific and most Caribbean countries. Shane has also worked across many industries including telecommunications, food and beverage, technology, government, utilities, financial services, hospitality, health and manufacturing.

From a small village in Trinidad in the Caribbean, Shane’s childhood was marked with poverty, domestic violence and family illiteracy. He did not have electricity or running water until he was 10, almost dying of starvation when he was 5 and had to study for this 11+ exam with a kerosene lamp. With his beloved scout leader passing at an early age, Shane had no real mentor or guide to pull him through a tough early childhood, so he had to develop his own principles of success and went on to defy the odds by having two masters’ degrees, one in in Strategic Thinking and one in eBusiness. Shane is a published author of How to Get Success to Start Chasing You.

Shane is a sought after global keynote speaker and works with CEOs and corporate companies and entrepreneurs to grow their business. His strikingly effective coaching process shows individuals and corporate teams how to create the personal lives they want while becoming a megastar at work.


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