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“The biggest ways to kill stress, instead of stress killing you are through exercise, meditation and laughter.”


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Daniel Kennedy Contreras is a psycho-oncology counselor who has served as Chief Executive Officer and Vice-Chair of Oasis of Hope Hospital since 1993. His grandfather, Dr. Ernesto Contreras, Sr., founded the hospital in 1963.

For the last twenty-seven years, Daniel has been counseling and ministering to patients. His three masters degrees are in counseling, ministry and business.

 As a part of Daniel’s mission to help people prevent and reverse illness, he has met with, and interviewed, some of the world’s top researchers at the World Health Organization, the Max Planck Institute, Cancer Research UK, the University of Shizuoka, Beijing University, the University of Delhi and the Institute for Genetic and Biomedical Research in Sardinia. The interviews can be seen in the documentary series Healthy Long Life. |


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