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“Your effective communication can result in a better job, business success, marriage or relationships. Communication is Key to everything.”


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Paul Boross – aka The Pitch Doctor – specializes in the “art and science” of corporate communication and delivers keynote lectures and trainings around the world.

Paul’s early career as a musician and comedian – he led the chart­ topping Morris Minor & The Majors and partnered Ainsley Harriott in the Calypso Twins – took him on a journey from the Comedy Store, via Top of The Pops, to the London Palladium and Carnegie Hall. However, tiring of life on the road and with a college background in psychology, he sought out the most cutting edge areas of transformational psychology, studying for several years to become a Society of NLP Master Trainer and gaining a Diploma in coaching. He then spent two years training doctors at Guys, King’s and St. Thomas’s in the art and science of communication.

Paul is a passionate believer in the redemptive power of communication – having hosted the primetime BBC2 Series Speed Up; Slow Down he has been the team psychologist on Sky TV’s School of Hard Knocks for the past seven years. The series has taken him to many of the most deprived areas of the UK, where he has mentored hundreds of young people from tough backgrounds helping them to turn their life around.


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