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“You get to a positive end by making a choice to define your own outcome regardless of what you might be going through.”


Listen to “18: Dr. Paul Jenkins | The Power of Positivity” on Spreaker.


With Dr. Paul you get increased engagement, productivity and happiness. On this podcast interview you get to hear from a speaker who knows the science, and presents it in an engaging and fun way.

You’ll get an iron grip on powerful psychological principles that can make an immediate difference in your personal, family and professional life. It is like having an owner’s manual for your brain – one you can actually read, understand and apply.

Dr. Paul has 20+ years of experience as a professional psychologist. He is an Author, Speaker, Positivity Expert, Personal Development Coach and also the past President of the National Speakers Association, Mountain West.

Dr. Paul has been the host of “Live On Purpose Radio” since 2007 and made multiple radio and TV appearances.


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