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Pick a number that stretches you not stress you and go for it! Risk does not mean reckless, it means using a different approach and giving yourself a chance to win.

Matt Gagnon is the Founder of Atomic Mornings and Matt Gagnon Coaching, a TEDx Speaker, 2x Author, Rule Breaker, Bulletproof Optimist, Faith Fueled and Living With a Courageous Heart. In 2015, Matt left his job, was disabled with chronic illness, had a negative bank account, his spouse was out of work, with an infant son, and had a new house. So he did the one thing everyone told him not to do and launched a coaching practice fueled only by a grass-roots effort. Focused on the power of essential life giving self-care routines, (prayer time, sleep, nutrition, fitness, inner circle of friends) he rediscovered his core values that allowed him to thrive as a father, friend, husband, coach, and entrepreneur. However, Matt’s biggest journey was learning how to transition from a sympathy seeking victim of circumstances battling crippling depression into someone who was empowered by his adversity, using his experiences and lessons learned to better serve others. He wrote his own comeback story and continues to help others do the same. Adversity is simply a call to adventure, and it only starts when you choose to answer the call.

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