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Your investments should create income or you’re still trading time for money. How to start taking ownership of your money!

As an International Investment Specialist and Sales Expert, everything Spencer Lodge does
is centred around three core pillars: Making Money. Saving money. Investing money.
He realised early in his career that he had a knack for helping others introduce these three
pillars into their own lives. By combining his extensive knowledge of investments and sales
with his passion for seeing people succeed, he has helped thousands of people achieve the
life they imagined.

With almost three decades of experience of helping companies multiply their revenue,
Spencer’s highly-effective sales techniques help individuals and companies achieve
explosive growth.

As the creator of Make It Happen University, an e-learning platform, Spencer guides future
winners through the strategic steps of closing every deal and achieving massive business

On top of this, Spencer hosts the award-winning Spencer Lodge Podcast, where he
connects with the most powerful industry experts including Tony Robbins, Dr John Demartini,
Gary Vaynerchuk and Grant Cardone.

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