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“Doing uncomfortable things allows you to see what you are really made of.”

Dave grew up in a small town on Georgian Bay, Ontario Canada but always had big ideas and dreams. As a teenager he became fascinated with Real Estate and bought his first apartment building at age 25. While developing a real estate portfolio Dave launched a real estate technology company to help shift the organized real estate community. A chance phone call in 2013 led to Dave becoming a Regional Partner with upstart custom home building network, Alair Homes. Today he’s the regional partner and business coach in 5 different Alair Homes regions covering North Carolina, South Carolina, Manitoba, and Eastern Ontario. In 2021, Dave and co-host Duane Johns, launched The Builder Nuggets Podcast.

Each week they bring together thought leaders to help contractors everywhere build more rewarding businesses. Dave has been married to Terrilynne for 17 years. They have three teenage daughters. The family loves spending summers in Muskoka and escaping to their home in the Exumas, Bahamas during the winter. Dave loves playing hockey, skiing, boating, going on spontaneous adventures, and ‘thinking about thinking’.

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