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When you ask great questions, clients want to buy from you. The one who structures the conversation, create an emotional response, wins the business…simple!

Pete has over 20 sales year experience with a successful corporate sales career with a major UK financial services. He is a wide range of commercial experience supporting the sales growth of businesses in different sectors. Prior to entering the sales profession, Pete was Head of Graduate Recruitment for a major commercial insurance company, with responsibility for the recruitment training, training and development of 50 graduate entrants.

Pete is passionate about sales and empowering sales leaders, sales managers and salespeople to transform their performance. He has a keen interest in what makes people successful sports people and the lessons that businesses can learn from sport in developing their salespeople. Pete is passionate about personal development and is a Fellow of the APS (Association of Professional Sales). He is a certified Objective Management Group (sales diagnostics) assessor.

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