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Casey Berman is what we call a “multipreneur” – he is at the top of his game when he has multiple businesses and projects going at once.

First, he’s a customer experience Strategist for the global firm Slalom Consulting. He helps executives of Fortune 1000 companies, unicorns and start-ups identify their long-term goals, unlock trapped business value, establish customer centric business strategies, and overcome some of their most intractable issues. He also is the founder of Leave Law Behind (, the leading coaching program and community to help unhappy attorneys career transition out of the legal industry into new “alternative” careers they love, are good at and pays them well.

And he just launched Casey Berman Coaching (, to bring his proven career coaching to other executives and professionals who are looking to capitalize on the “Great Resignation” and find career opportunities that align with their skills and strengths. Casey is on a mission to show everyone who suffers that there is a better way.

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