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You are more than your circumstances. Make a choice to see and stay beyond where you are now. Have a monthly audit of your life, you’d be surprised how much you can be grateful for.

Josh Perry is a former professional BMX athlete, multiple brain tumour warrior, speaker, optimisation strategist and high performance coach with a mission to empower others to believe they are much more than their circumstances. After a third diagnosis, leaving Josh with 4 tumours in his skull, he realised his higher purpose in life and left his BMX dream for a new dream of serving others in optimising their health, inside and out, and their performance in any aspect of their lives.

Today Josh has become an international speaker, founder of The Perry Foundation, Host of The Grey Matters Podcast, a high-performance coach & optimisation strategist, and published author sharing how chasing his dream saved his life and showed him the courage, strength and resilience we all possess when we tap into our true SELF.

As a multiple brain tumour survivor and former professional athlete, Josh is a living example of what optimising one’s mindset can do in progressing to the next level in one’s life whether it be your career, physical health, relationships, or education.

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