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Don’t leave anything on the table, time to manifest your OWN life. When you become more self-aware of who and where you are, you begin to create new patterns, make new choices, and make changes. Learn how to let go and become a change agent in your own life.

Teri Lucie Thompson is blessed to be living the American dream as co-founder and CEO of her second company, Fizz Enterprises – Find Your Fizz, which serves women 40+ who encounter transitional events such as empty nesting, job change, divorce, retirement, menopause, or other transitions through a proprietary coaching tool, LifeMapTM, through the Fizz “Bubbles Up” Club, and through motivational merchandise.

A self-described curious change agent who is living and loving the start-up life after years in the corporate and academic worlds, Teri served as a four-time CMO and Marketing & Communications Executive in multiple categories, including financial services and higher education. On occasion, Teri continues to provide brand, marketing, and communications consulting for universities through The Interim Registry.

Teri is grateful for the recognition that she has been awarded over the years; in particular: Illinois State University’s Alumni of the Year Award, the American Advertising Federation’s Silver Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Marketing Executive of the Year Award. In addition, she has relished the numerous public speaking engagements for AMA, AAF, PRSA, and other organisations, and her time writing for Forbes’ CMO Network.

Blessed to have published a book, “Tuning into Mom: Understanding America’s Most Powerful Consumer,” she will–one day–be ready to tackle the second one. Teri is also feel grateful for the opportunities she has been afforded to mentor others both through formal organisations like Dress for Success and Ceresa, as well as through informal channels.

Finally, Teri is the proud first-born daughter of midwestern farmers, whose relentless work ethic, respect for others, and passion for progress greatly influenced her life’s journey and her approach to work. The Lucie Critical Thinking Award, which Teri endowed at Illinois State University, is a testament to their belief in the power of learning.

Lady Gaga’s quote, “I’m just trying to change the world one sequin at a time,” captures Teri’s passion. Grit and glam, this is Teri’s style.