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“Become your biggest cheerleader, inspire yourself and don’t compare yourself to anyone.”


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In today’s world we have women and we have WOMEN and there are some women who have actually taken themselves away from the norm and paved a really powerful path for other women. Women who are willing to go for it and go after what they want, our guest today is one of those inspirational women!

Tilde Guajardo is the Founder & CEO of Womanars®. She is also an author, facilitator, TEDx Speaker & Organizer, Mentor, Advisor, Investor and Global Leader. She has over 20 years of experience in diverse leadership roles with experience in team development and management, event organization and planning, entrepreneurship, as well as leveraging global partnerships. Tilde is a Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner & Facilitator.

Womanars® mission is to inspire, educate, and connect women all over the world through fun and easy courses, seminars, events, and programs, which identify and amplify a woman’s natural gifts, strengths, talents, and values, to empower them to live with more clarity, confidence and courage. The result being a life they love filled with more Joy, Love and Freedom.

Tilde has produced over 200 videos to inspire and educate women all over the world, which helped to build Womanars® into a global brand that people know, like and trust.

She is currently traveling between Spain and the U.S. as an investor/advisor to a startup in Barcelona, as well as scheduling more speaking opportunities and Womanars® events throughout Europe. |


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