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Our team at Camilita® and the Event of Champions®, are here to support your entrepreneurial and business journey. The goal of our management team and support staff, through our events, seminars, coaching, podcast, blogs, TV and media appearances is to give you the experience and support that fosters your personal, business and professional growth.


From the most humble of beginnings, Camilita is an epic success story to be emulated. Through an endless supply of charisma, and armed with proven real-world knowledge unmatched by her competitors, she is a global sensation.

Camilita is a ‘Rock Star’ International Speaker, Radio Show Host at The Camilita® Podcast, an ‘Award-Winning’ Corporate Sales Trainer, Business & Wealth Coach, Business Growth Strategist, Author, and Multi-Millionaire Property Investor. Camilita is featured in Forbes on How to Use Events, Social Media and Key Note Speaking to Increase Your PR & Profits Globally, has graced the USA and European covers of Celebrate Business Magazine, appeared on BBC Business News, SKY TVB2B News Network and is mentioned in the New York Times Bestseller Think & Grow Rich for Women. Her dedication to leading by example, constantly evolving and succeeding by raising others up has led to a growing network of world champions.

In the face of extreme adversity, Camilita fought against all odds to become a dynamic powerhouse of success and inspiration. As Founder of the Event of Champions®, her story alone is motivating. But it is her straight-forward advice and ability to repeatedly gather the top minds in the industry to impart real-world knowledge and immediately-actionable insider tips that sets her apart. Click here to read more about Camilita…


Andrew is Camilita’s husband and is also a Multi-Millionaire Property Investor with over 20+ years of experience in sales where he and Camilita grew a global sales team of thousands and did in excess of over $20 million dollars in 30+ countries. Andrew is responsible for the logistics, bookkeeping, event organization, travel arrangements, and property management for Camilita®, Event of Champions, and our property business.

Andrew loves to teach entrepreneurs how to understand their bottom line, how to make profitable transactions, and how to understand their sales value. He is very knowledgeable in bookkeeping and property investing, having run a successful property investment business over the last 20 years.


Samantha (Sammie) is Executive Assistant to Camilita Nuttall and Office Manager at Camilita® & Event of Champions®. Her passion is helping others, working as part of a team and understanding the importance of professionalism. Samantha loves working in our fast-paced business and office environment and believes that customer experience and giving of value are the most important aspect of our clients’ success. Samantha is warm, bubbly and self-motivated and ready to take on any tasks to support our clients. Our clients sing her praises!


Alexander (Alex) is our Administration Assistant who studied English Literature at the University of Derby. He is responsible for customer and client care which includes email correspondence, monitoring social media inboxes, working closely with our business managers, updating all company-led documents, liaising with our Event of Champions® clients and CLUB, and facilitating live and online events/seminars. Alex is professional, well-mannered, well-spoken, and client-focused ensuring our clients receive top-notch service.


Wiktoria (pronounced Victoria) is our Marketing Assistant who holds a First Class Honours Degree in Marketing from De Montfort University. Here at the Camilita headquarters, she is responsible for our Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Customer Management, Advertising and PR, Retail & International Marketing. Wiktoria’s is very creative and makes sure our brand and company messages are shared far and wide with our customers and clients across the globe. Wiktoria is a team player, she is professional, polite and 100% focused on delivering the best possible results for our brands to meet our client’s needs.


Ian is our accountant and friend for the last 20 years. Ian is responsible for the accounting for Camilita®, Event of Champions® and Nuttall Property. He has over 34 years experience in accounting, working with large companies, corporations & start-ups and is particularly skilled in finding ways our company can be resourceful in helping our clients. He is very accessible, truly cares about our businesses and gives advice on better business practices as he understands what we need long term.


Casey is our web developer and a United States Navy veteran. He built and manages both the Camilita & Event of Champions® brands. He has a BA in computer graphics and web design from UAT in Tempe Arizona. He has been working with us the last 3 years as our web designer/programmer in developing both of our brands. Casey is easy to work with, very reliable, accessible and amazing when it comes to functionality and design. You can view Casey’s work here.


Georgina is our freelance graphic designer with a Bachelor’s Degree and over 20 years experience in Graphic Design. George is responsible for all our event banners, flyers, new company logos, and posters for both the Camilita® & Event of Champions® brands. She is very accessible, creative and brings a tasteful approach that challenges our perception, but fits into our long-term business goals as we sometimes need design work done in a matter of hours which is what our growing company needs.



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Discover your talent, create a plan, work that plan, align with powerful thinkers and leaders, learn to hone in your craft then…… EXECUTE!

– Camilita –

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