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Whether you are launching or re-launching your BIG Idea, brand, product or service, this eBook show you what should happen before, during and even after your launch! Camilita has launched several businesses successfully so you’re getting her success principles from being Founder of Event of Champions®, Editor in Chief of Global Champions Magazine, Business & Wealth Coach at Camilita® Global, 7-Time Award-Winning Sales & Growth Expert, Multi-Millionaire Property Investor, Author and Radio Show Host at The Camilita® Podcast.

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Learn the key things you need to have in place to have a successful launch. We’ll look at the systems you need to implement, the platforms you need to use, the tools you need to invest in and everything you need to prepare for the day of your launch.


This is the one area that most entrepreneurs underestimate or even overestimate when it comes to launching or relaunching their brand or business, but one of the most vital. From finding investors, pricing your products correctly to staffing and office equipment, we’ll be covering all money-related aspects of your launch. Learn to access funding, investors and invest in the right platforms and save money in the right places.


We’re going to be looking at contracts, trademarks, and the legalities you need to have in place before you get started. This is the most important thing when launching a brand or business but one that most entrepreneurs leave last or not at all. “Plan the Divorce Before the Wedding,” I say in business. Learn what you need to do to protect your BIG Idea and the legal systems you need to have in place from the start.


Who can you learn from and who do you need to hire? The reality is, you can’t Launch Your Big Idea on your own. You might need help with your sales or marketing process, perhaps you need to hire a graphic designer to create your brand idea, maybe you need a Coach to make your launch as successful as possible. We’ll explore everyone you might need in your team.

“She’ll get you to where you need to be”

Camilita’s story is unbelievable, she succeeded. Her heart is bigger than the globe. If you truly want to get to the next step > call Camilita, because she’ll kick you where you need to get kicked and get you to where you need to be.

– Sharon Lechter

Co-Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, New York Times Bestselling Author & Keynote Speaker

“She is a force of nature”

Camilita is a force of nature and everywhere she goes people just gravitate to her. That’s the person who you want to learn from and learn with… come to her programme, you’ll be glad you did.

– Bob Burg

Co-Author of The Go-Giver Books & Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker

Who is Camilita Nuttall?

The World’s #1 ‘Rock Star’ International Speaker, Camilita Nuttall is an Influencer, the Founder & CEO of Event of Champions®, Editor in Chief of Global Champions Magazine, Business & Wealth Coach, 7-Time Award-Winning Sales & Growth Expert, Entrepreneur, Author, Multi-Millionaire Property Investor & Radio Show Host at The Camilita® Podcast. Camilita helps businesses of all sizes increase their sales, launch new businesses, products and services and be the expert in their field.

Featured in FORBES & Quoted in Think & Grow Rich for Women, Camilita has appeared on Sky TV, BBC Business News, Canada’s B2B News Network and others. Dr. J. B. Hill, Napoleon Hill’s grandson quoted Camilita in front of 20,000 people as saying, ‘There is no better time than the present to take action to Succeed’.

Camilita is the author of 5 eBooks – “How to Launch Your BIG Idea”, “Multiple Streams of Residual Income”, “Fast Track Your Success”, “How to Deal with Setbacks” and “Quotes & Inspirational Messages” which can all be found by visiting the Camilita Shop. Camilita works with companies to increase their profit & create workable systems through strategic planning. A top sales expert for 7 years in Europe, Camilita engineered a major sales force of thousands in 30+ countries and did over $20 Million in sales. She has travelled to 50+ countries and lived in Spain, Germany, Trinidad, Netherlands & the UK.

In the face of extreme adversity Camilita rose against all odds (hustling on the public dump at the age of 13 just to attend secondary school), to become a dynamic powerhouse of success and inspiration.

Here’s What Some of Camilita’s Clients are Saying about Her…..

“Camilita is incredibly knowledgeable about sales and she really had my business goals in mind when we were talking about how I can improve my sales.”

– Sylvie Peltier (Vancouver) 

“My experience has been absolutely amazing and I want to thank Camilita so much for all her support in attaining my BIG goals.”

– Shane Ram (Trinidad)

“Since meeting Camilita I have grown and learned so much! So much that is so valuable, I can’t even put a price tag on it.”

– Richette Percentie (Bahamas)



Camilita is an incredible coach
She is a woman who knows how to make amazing things happen

Camilita is an inspirational coach, a visionary with a straight-forward and fast execution approach. Camilita is powerful, energetic and incredibly caring. Her coaching sessions are laser focused and she has an ability to translate and connect your vision, passion, purpose and story, providing clarity and resulting in personal and professional transformation. I can’t recommend Camilita highly enough!

Engineering Director



Fulfilling business and life goals
The way you see life will never be the same

I recently started a coaching relationship with Camilita and it is having a profound impact on my progress towards my goals in life. The main impact is I have significantly stopped my procrastinating tendencies and am taking a bolder approach to life. I see opportunities in larger relief than in the past. While this is still an unfolding process, Camilita’s bold and never take no for a final answer mindset has been instructive and inspiring. I can confidently say I have made important strides towards fulfilling business and life goals. I now fully embrace the mantra…the urgency of now! This is an adaptation of a MLK Jr saying which through discussions with Camilita a life-changing perspective was given. I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to URGENTLY embrace her coaching. The way you see life will never be the same….

Hubert Edwards [Bahamas]
Former Accountant & Bank Manager, Consultant & Radio Show Host



Camilita is an invaluable guide
The experience is liberating, enthusing, invigorating, refreshing and an eye opener!

Working with Camilita has been liberating, enthusing, invigorating, refreshing, motivating, full of humour and an eye opener! Each of our 1-2-1 business coaching sessions so far has provided at least one (and often several) – serious “light bulb” moments when something she says pushes things so they fall into place with a resounding clang (normally accompanied by one of those “why didn’t I think of that before?” moments too…) Camilita is a focused, straight forward business person who helps you to hold yourself to account to achieve goals she’s helped you define, but which are very much your own. She helps you define process and systems, based on knowledge she’s acquired over her very successful business career. She’s 100% committed to helping you achieve the success you want for yourself too. She very much sees her job as helping you to develop a toolkit that will let you do work necessary for yourself in the future – without being dependant on her. Camilita has helped me to get a route map for this transition that I was sorely lacking and her invaluable guide, coach and resource I thoroughly recommend.

Experienced Business & Web Professional

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