Are you ready to live like a champion?


We hear from so many people on a daily basis, people who are in businesses that are not profitable, people in jobs they hate. They don’t know how to make money any other way than what they are doing, selling or promoting. Sound familiar?

Are you still depending on one or maybe two income streams? Do you have more month than money? Are you tired of seeing others live their best life now and nothing seems to be happening for you?





  • Are you fed up with your life the way it is? Your relationships, your business, your finances – what finances?
  • Are you at a point where you’re saying to yourself ‘I have to make a change’ or ‘I don’t want to face another year unprepared, unplanned or without support to fulfil my dreams’?
  • Are you struggling to get your business off the ground, but confused about what to do?
  • Are you thinking about changing careers, calling it quits, or maybe you want some direction but don’t know where to turn?




  • I really need help NOW as I don’t want to have another year unfulfilled.
  • I see others excelling more than me but I know they aren’t more intelligent than I am.
  • If only I had a roadmap or simple game plan to follow, then I know I could do it.
  • I need to learn new skills quickly as I need to generate more sales.
  • I need a structure and a plan that I can follow to take my business to the next level, help!
  • I need to create residual income because I am tired of working hard!

Well, stop! One thing Camilita has learnt in life is that when things are not working out, you need to stop digging. Stop doing what you always do and find another, better way. Ask for help from a coach, friend or investor.



  • How you can create more than one income stream from what you’re currently doing.
  • How writing blogs, eBooks or articles can generate you residual income
  • How to launch new products and services.
  • How to sell your way to success with a solid sales system.
  • How to find the right talent, partners and collaborators to work with.
  • Contracts, Agreements and Partnerships – why you need them.
  • How to market those products to where your ideal clients are.
  • Property and currency investing 
  • Expanding internationally and how to do so.
  • How to protect your assets and create new ones.
On Saturday 26th January 2019 my 16-year-old daughter and I attended Camilita Nuttall’s “How to create Multiple Streams of Income” workshop. It was an incredible session filled with an actionable roadmap for successful business income generation and monetization of oneself. This session was led by an incredibly inspirational woman who has walked the talk and was, therefore, speaking from a strong foundation of having done it already. She took time afterward to speak to those who attended the workshop and her effervescent enthusiasm for my business and customer plans and those of my daughter encouraged us to act immediately. I am now in the Inner Circle and I would encourage anyone who is serious about growing as a business, entrepreneur and who want to maximise themselves as individuals to utilise the gift that is Camilita Nuttall.
Deirdre LaBassiere (UK)


Are you at a place where you know you should be making more money but don’t know how or where to turn? You have skills like everyone else. You could be making money in multiple ways and investing, so how do you get started?

Get ready to realise your purpose, live your dreams, create the life you deserve and create multiple streams of residual income NOW.


It’s a well-known fact that SUCCESS doesn’t just happen, it takes years of focused work and dedication to create anything that is of substantial value. Entrepreneurs who constantly find themselves entangled by someone else’s big vision usually end up broke and unfulfilled. Commit to yourself first and create multiple streams of residual income – this is NOW the name of the game.


According to recent statistics, the NO. 1 problem facing people over 40 is retirement. What type of retirement will they have, where will they retire? How much income will they have to live on if they retire early and how will they support themselves through illness or family issues?

Do you know that most retirees can’t live comfortably on their retirement income?

What about you?

How would you LIKE to live? Penny-pinching or travelling the world knowing your children have been taken care of and you can go where you want, when you want?


If the answer is yes to FREEDOM then register NOW for this special Online Masterclass on Creating Multiple Streams of Residual Income


Yes, you can ask Camilita anything about her own success and challenges in setting up and running three 6 & 7 figure businesses:

  • A Property Business
  • The Event of Champions®
  • The Camilita® brand globally

…plus other businesses and how you can do the same.

Camilita has travelled to over 50 countries, lived in Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Trinidad and the UK and over the last few years she has been helping entrepreneurs like YOU Create Multiple Streams of Residual Income!

YES, the word is out! It’s simpler now to scale your business than ever before. What’s important though is the structure, work ethic, collaborations and online strategy needed to not only build but sustain that business.


It’s NOW time to GO BIG OR GO HOME!


What’s included in my investment? Online training from 3pm – 5pm BST (10am-12pm Eastern Time) on Saturday 24th August.  

Will I be able to talk with Camilita directly about my business and get recommendations directly? Camilita will be offering 1-2-1 online strategy sessions after the online event.

Can my spouse or business partner join the online event too? Yes, we do encourage your spouse or business partner to join the online event as we want you both to benefit from the information that will be shared. Be sure to book your guest a ticket as soon as possible as there are only a limited number of tickets available.


Camilita is an ‘Award Winning’ Corporate Sales Trainer, Executive Business Coach, Business Growth Strategist, Property Investor, Author and ‘Rock Star’ International Keynote Speaker. Camilita is featured in Forbes on How to Use Events, Social Media and Keynote Speaking to Increase Your PR & Profits Globally, has graced the USA and European covers of Celebrate Business Magazine, appeared on BBC Business News, SKY TVB2B News Network and is mentioned in the New York Times Bestseller Think & Grow Rich for Women. Her dedication to leading by example, constantly evolving and succeeding by raising others up has led to a growing network of world champions.

In the face of extreme adversity, Camilita fought against all odds to become a dynamic powerhouse of success and inspiration. Founder of the Event of Champions®, her story alone is motivating. But it is her straight-forward advice and ability to repeatedly gather the top minds in the industry to impart real-world knowledge and immediately-actionable insider tips that sets her apart.

Camilita built sales teams of thousands in over 30+ countries and did in excess of $20Million dollars in sales a year.

With the spirit of a true champion, her personal experiences and deep well of knowledge on how to make immense amounts of money are immersive and inspiring. With a “think big” philosophy driving her, Camilita not only lights a path to success, she illuminates the journey with the force of a thousand suns.

From being a “Rock Star” International Speaker and Award-Winning Corporate Sales Trainer to working as an Executive Business Coach, Business Growth Strategist and Property Investor, the sincerity of Camilita’s message, coupled with a heartfelt dedication to helping others succeed, has motivated thousands across the world.

Her larger-than-life personality is relatable and genuine, as is her desire to help others reach their full potential. By giving everything to fulfilling the dreams of others, Camilita is who entrepreneurs across the globe trust to take their business to the next level. Now, it’s your turn.

Have questions? No worries. Get in touch with our team and we will be happy to guide you through registering for this life-changing event. Simply click here.



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