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Ever thought that your goals are taking a lot longer than you thought they would? You see other people achieving more in a shorter period of time and you think – why is that not happening to me? I have the skills, work ethic and discipline like they do but somehow I can’t seem to make it happen quick enough.

Perhaps you are nearing retirement and need to do something quick. Have you always wanted to be a speaker, coach, property investor, trainer, change businesses or start another business but are lacking the skills or know-how to make it happen? If you answered yes then this event is for you!


If you don’t do something now, when? When will you decide to take a stand and Live Like a Champion? You owe this to yourself, your family and your sanity!


  • Camilita’s 7 Steps to 7 Figure Sales® – The Plan, The Process, The Execution. Time to ramp up your sales and your income in 2019.
  • How to quadruple your sales by getting to level 5.
  • How to use events, keynote speaking and social media to increase sales.
  • Strategies to increase your productivity and generate more business in 2019
  • If It’s NOT Making Money, It’s Not Making Sense, Period! – How to use this principle to your advantage.
  • The five key strategies to dramatically scale your business in 90 Days.


Words can not fully express the joy, peace, excitement, confirmation, and pleasure it was meeting with you today. You have truly given me a lot of food for thought, practical strategies and a transfer of your energy, insight and sheer determination to get the job done!

Last year I came to your event to see if I could glean a few ideas about how to take my business forward and you gave me so much in the fifteen minutes one-to-one consultation that I promptly set out to become known as a key person in my profession. I put the strategies in action, through writing, speaking, training, etc. and managed to turn my businesses around without adding to the workload.

Thank you for staying true to your calling to support entrepreneurs like myself, I have thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent going through my business goals, it was so captivating I did not want to leave for a second, even to nip to the loo!! (next time I’ll wear Tenna lady!!)

I look forward to working with you and you truly give great value in your coaching session, beyond any precious stone. I’m glad I made the investment. Love & blessings

Maureen, United Kingdom

Camilita’s Fast Track Your Success Event was full of energy, lots of value, lots of solid business tips, lots of inspirational ideas on how to grow your business. I highly recommend attending Camilita’s Fast Track Your Success, you’d be glad you did.

Veronica, United Kingdom

Tarinee, Wealth Coach

Michael, Book Publisher

Mbali, Property Investor

Experience the same life-changing training with Camilita when you attend our Fast Track Your Success Masterclass. If you are a startup, wanting to launch or relaunch your business or find that business is not going as you would like and you need to do something about it NOW, then this masterclass is for you.


It’s TIME to either GO BIG or GO HOME! 



Camilita wants to show you what it takes to Fast Track Your Success & Income in 90 Days and create a platform where you are seen as the expert as you collaborate with the top entrepreneurs in the industry. It’s easier now to scale your business than ever before. What’s important though is the structure, work ethic, collaborations and online strategy needed to not only build but sustain a 6 or 7 Figure Business.

Camilita has created two 7 Figure Businesses in the last 7 years and is still expanding globally. Camilita wants to show you how to do it correctly while creating momentum where people start calling you for business and you are constantly being referred to for new qualified clients. 

Did you know that your ability to set and achieve 90-Day Goals is paramount to your success? The best way to do so is to find someone who has already succeeded on a massive scale, model what they have done and avoid what they tell you to avoid. Agreed?



What’s included? 90 Minute Masterclass with Q & A. 

What happens after I register? After you register you will get a special link to join the masterclass.

Can I share the link with anyone? No, as this link is just for one person.

Will I be able to talk with Camilita directly about my business and get recommendations? You can book to speak with Camilita after the masterclass by contacting Andrew directly on +44 7903 65 22 80 for additional costs or emailing

Can I tell others about the masterclass? Yes, we do encourage you to share the details of the masterclass with your colleagues. If you have more than 3 people wanting to join we will give you a specialised link so your registration will be FREE after your guests pay.

Will the masterclass be recorded? We are not sure yet as we want to get feedback and answer your questions LIVE.


Camilita is an ‘Award Winning’ Corporate Sales Trainer, Executive Business Coach, Business Growth Strategist, Property Investor, Author and ‘Rock Star’ International Keynote Speaker. Camilita is featured in Forbes on How to Use Events, Social Media and Keynote Speaking to Increase Your PR & Profits Globally, has graced the USA and European covers of Celebrate Business Magazine, appeared on BBC Business News, SKY TVB2B News Network and is mentioned in the New York Times Bestseller Think & Grow Rich for Women. Her dedication to leading by example, constantly evolving and succeeding by raising others up has led to a growing network of world champions.

In the face of extreme adversity, Camilita fought against all odds to become a dynamic powerhouse of success and inspiration. Founder of the Event of Champions®, her story alone is motivating. But it is her straight-forward advice and ability to repeatedly gather the top minds in the industry to impart real-world knowledge and immediately-actionable insider tips that sets her apart.

Camilita built sales teams of thousands in over 30+ countries and did in excess of $20Million dollars in sales a year.

With the spirit of a true champion, her personal experiences and deep well of knowledge on how to make immense amounts of money are immersive and inspiring. With a “think big” philosophy driving her, Camilita not only lights a path to success, she illuminates the journey with the force of a thousand suns.

From being a “Rock Star” International Speaker and Award-Winning Corporate Sales Trainer to working as an Executive Business Coach, Business Growth Strategist and Property Investor, the sincerity of Camilita’s message, coupled with a heartfelt dedication to helping others succeed, has motivated thousands across the world.

Her larger-than-life personality is relatable and genuine, as is her desire to help others reach their full potential. By giving everything to fulfilling the dreams of others, Camilita is who entrepreneurs across the globe trust to take their business to the next level. Now, it’s your turn.


Have questions about the masterclass? No worries.

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