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Camilita is an exceptional Speaker, Sales Trainer and Business Coach. Camilita took time out to come and spend a whole day as my coach, working with me on my business to look at my goals and what I really wanted to achieve within the business, but most importantly to focus on how to generate more income in to my business. Camilita has a way of inspiring you to bring out ALL that you already have inside of you to develop and grow your business. She is very passionate about generating more income into your business and firmly believes’ if it’s not making any money it’s not making any sense! She has helped me to hone-in and focus on those areas and activities within the business that will generate more income and shared with me some of her sales business tools and strategies ‘Seven Steps to Seven figure sales’ to improve productivity in the business and generate new leads. Camilita is very action oriented and can help drive you and your business to the next level, however you ultimately have to do the work, but she is the business coach you need that will help you to achieve results!